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Coady: Teaching kids about racism can help fight it

24 Oct 2020

Wolves captain urges us all to educate young people about discrimination

As captain of Wolverhampton Wanderers, Conor Coady leads players from a variety of cultures and backgrounds on the pitch.

At home, Coady has a different leadership role as a father of three young children. 

It is there that Coady sees it as his duty to educate his kids about racism.

"We're all realising how important issues like racism and online abuse are becoming for people growing up," he says.

"My children are very young but it's important we educate this next generation of people because we don't want our children going through these same things when they are older.

"We all know racism is there and it's about not waiting for it to happen but making sure we do things before it happens."

'Don't bottle things up'

Coady is among the Premier League players who have produced learning resources for the next phase of the Premier League's No Room For Racism initiative that will be used in more than 18,000 schools as part of the Premier League Primary Stars programme.

One message he wants to convey is how crucial it is to speak to someone you trust if you witness racism.

"As soon it happens, tell someone, straightaway," he says. "It's important you report it, tell your parents or friends, people who can make things happen.

"Because if you're sat in your bedroom at home, you start bottling it up and it becomes so much worse.

"I could never imagine my children seeing something like that and not telling me, I'd be absolutely devastated."

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