Loneliness Awareness Week

How Wolves used music video to combat isolation

19 Jun 2021
Wolves' Head 4 Health participants

Members of Wolves Foundation's Head 4 Health project recorded a music video to bring people together

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This Loneliness Awareness Week, we are looking at how Premier League clubs have been working in their local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep people connected and to help those at risk of social isolation.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Having friends and companionship can ease a sense of isolation, so Wolves Foundation has used the magic of music to help bring adult males together.

For the past 14 months the Foundation, the charity arm of Wolverhampton Wanderers, has provided enhanced support for those struggling with their mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Its Head 4 Health project, supported by the Premier League and Professional Footballers' Association Community Fund in addition to City of Wolverhampton Council and NHS Wolverhampton CCG, aims to improve mental and physical wellbeing for men.

Members of the programme have hit the right note and come together to cope with their struggles by recording a music video, "Get By With A Little Help From My Friends".

"We had been talking about distraction techniques in one of our Extra Time sessions," says Wolves Foundation health officer Steve Maiden.

"This is where those who have completed the six-week Head 4 Health course can continue to stay in touch with the Foundation, and one of the guys mentioned music.

"From there they came up with the idea to do this music video.

"Some of these guys have been quite poorly with their mental health over a number of years, but to do what they have done, with hardly any prompting from us, has been amazing.

"The song was recorded in RML Studios at Newhampton Arts Centre and was produced by a fantastic band, Junomoon, who put so much time and effort into mixing it together.

"Even when we thought some of the group might become overwhelmed or distracted, they all went for it. It was like they had been recording music all their lives!"

Support so helpful

Wolves fan Simon Rickards is just one participant to benefit from the programme.

"Throughout the pandemic I've been furloughed," says Simon. "I found it incredibly hard because one of my greatest achievements last year, after four years of having no job and having anorexia, was getting back into work.

"If I hadn't had Head 4 Health there, I might have done myself in, to be honest.

"What they did for me was show me I had value again, that there was reason to be alive, to exist, to fight.

"And the biggest thing they did is made me realise the value of people that care about me."

Get involved

People can get involved with the #LetsTalkLoneliness campaign, which raises awareness of loneliness and supports those who are socially isolated at this time.

For tips on what you can do, and to find out where to get support, visit the LetsTalkLoneliness website.

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