From Schools Cup to World Cup: Gibbs-White's rise

1 Nov 2018

Wolves midfielder reviews his trophy-laden journey from small boy to the Premier League

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Before he got his hands on a FIFA World Cup with England, Morgan Gibbs-White got some useful practice lifting a Premier League trophy.

The year before England and Gibbs-White triumphed at the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in India in 2017, the Wolverhampton Wanderers midfielder won the Premier League Under-16 Schools' Cup, as well as the U16 Open Schools' Cup, with Thomas Telford School.

"This was a good year for our school, the national cup final," Gibbs-White said.

The 18-year-old was looking at his football life in pictures after receiving his Premier League Debut Ball.

The review reminded him of how much he had changed physically in the past few years.

Doubts over size

"Looking at from then to now, my physique has definitely grown massively," he said. "That was always a doubt for me, because I was always a small kid."

Gibbs-White was somewhat sheepish over the exuberance of the Telford celebrations in 2016 but the school's success, and his subsequent graduation to playing in the Premier League this season, fill him with pride.

"I think the boys got a bit excited," he said. "We took our tops off and started running around and sliding everywhere!

"But we were just enjoying it. We were embracing the moment, taking it all in. This picture can go in the bin after!

"All the boys went mad. Two years ago now. What's happened from then to now... just speechless." 

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