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FPL experts: How to plan for Blank Gameweek 29

21 Feb 2024
Richarlison and Toney

Some of the world's top managers reveal how they are preparing for the reduced round of matches

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There are TWO Blank Gameweeks over the next four rounds of fixtures for managers in Fantasy Premier League to navigate.

While eight matches are scheduled for Blank Gameweek 26 (BGW26) this weekend, there are currently only THREE fixtures confirmed to be taking place in Blank Gameweek 29 (BGW29), which clashes with the FA Cup quarter-finals.

Confirmed fixtures in BGW29
Burnley v Brentford
Fulham v Spurs
West Ham v Aston Villa

Is it too early to plan so far ahead, or should FPL managers already be bringing in players from the six clubs who will definitely play in BGW29? Here, The Scout's panel of FPL experts share their plans.

What the experts say
Lee Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

BGW29 is starting to influence my decisions, but there are still a lot of unknowns until the fifth round of the FA Cup is played from 26-28 February and the quarter-finalists are decided. For now, I'm happy to play what's in front of me. But if I do have players who I know have a guaranteed fixture in BGW29, like SpursRicharlison (£7.1m), for example, then for sure I'll be holding and not selling.

Pras (@Pras_FPL)

It is still early to commit to a strategy one way or another. Aston Villa, Brentford and West Ham United players tick boxes for teams with matches in both Blank Gameweeks. Getting them could be a good way to keep options open.

Nick Harris (@WGTA_Nick)

It's tricky to plan too much, with the FA Cup fixtures still to be played which will determine which teams definitely have a match in BGW29. One team to target will be Spurs, who have a fixture in BGW29 and also a decent fixture in Gameweek 30 against Luton, so tripling up will be an option.

Gianni Buttice (@GianniButtice)

BGW29 will no doubt be the smallest blank of the season, with the fewest clubs playing Premier League matches, and naturally many will look to Free-Hit that week. I'm open to this strategy, but I'm more likely to risk fielding a weakened team in the hope that it's a low-scoring Gameweek and I can still cover the main threats without using a chip. If I do go down this route I will be effectively dead-ending my team - selling good players who don't have a fixture in BGW29, and I'll therefore need to Wildcard in Gameweek 30 or Gameweek 31 to invest in the more-popular teams and players again.

Sam Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

I have two goalkeepers and only three outfield players who definitely have a fixture in BGW29, so my plan is currently to dead-end my team into that week and immediately Wildcard afterwards. Doing this will allow me to hold my Free Hit for Gameweek 34 or Gameweek 38. Once the FA Cup fifth-round matches are played in the midweek that follows BGW26, I'll know exactly which sides to target for my team in BGW29. Straight after BGW26, I'll be looking to invest in Spurs, as they have an all-important fixture in BGW29, away to Fulham.

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