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FPL experts reveal when they plan to use their chips

24 Feb 2024
Mikel Arteta and Martin Odegaard

The Scout's panel show their strategies for the rest of the season

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The Scout's panel of Fantasy Premier League experts are revealing when they plan to use their chips over the rest of the season.

All but one decided to Triple-Captain Erling Haaland (£14.4m) in Double Gameweek 25, meaning the majority of the experts each have three chips left: Wildcard, Free Hit and Bench Boost.

Experts' plans for playing chips
  27 28 30 31 34 37 38
Lee Bonfield     WC   BB? BB?  
Utkarsh Dalmia       WC BB/FH BB/FH   
Nick Harris   TC   WC FH BB   
Gianni Buttice       WC  FH BB  
Pras WC?     WC? BB/FH  BB/FH  
Sam Bonfield     WC   FH? BB FH?
Harry Daniels       WC FH BB  

FH = Free Hit, WC = Wildcard, BB = Bench Boost
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What the experts say
Gianni Buttice (@GianniButtice)

I always like to remain open and flexible on chip strategy as you never know what's round the corner in FPL. But as things stand I plan to "dead-end" my team up to Blank Gameweek 29 using free transfers. That will mean selling some good players ahead of 29, so I will be Wildcarding not long after, in Gameweek 30 or 31, and then Free-Hitting and Bench-Boosting when we have Double Gameweeks during the run-in.

Nick Harris (@WGTA_Nick)

Provided no injury concerns, I have shifted to using my Triple Captain chip on Dominic Solanke (£7.1m) in Double Gameweek 28. This is something of a punt compared to the safer Haaland pick that was my original plan for Double Gameweek 25, but there’s a good chance Solanke will haul with two home matches against Luton Town and Sheffield United.

Sam Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

I'm planning to use my free transfers to ensure that I have a team for Blank Gameweek 29, and then I'll Wildcard immediately afterwards ahead of Gameweek 30 to build a squad to run me through to the end of the season. This will likely mean a Bench Boost in Gameweek 37 and then the Free Hit either in Gameweek 34 or on the final weekend of the season in Gameweek 38.

Harry Daniels (@FPL_Harry)

I love to save my chips for the final run-in of the season. I plan to not use another chip until I Wildcard shortly after Blank Gameweek 29.

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