What’s new for 2023/24: Nike Flight ball

2 Aug 2023
Nike ball

This season's design showcases the vibrancy of the Premier League, with opening weekend drawing ever closer

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With the Premier League kick-off fast approaching, here's what's new for the 2023/24 season. 

Nike Flight ball

With a new season comes a new ball, and Premier League players will be using the new Nike Flight ball from 11 August when Burnley host defending champions Manchester City to start the campaign.  

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With its original white base, the ball has been coated with black lines and splashes of orange, showcasing the vibrancy of the Premier League. 

Honed over eight years and 1,700 hours of testing, the Nike Flight Football is a revolution in consistent flight. 

Moulded grooves and 3D-printed ink fine-tune flight through the air to help players put the ball exactly where they want it - each and every time. 

This season marks Nike's 24th as the official ball supplier for the Premier League, and the new ball is available at

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Premier League players were more prolific than ever last season, scoring a record 1,084 goals across the campaign.

Will the 2023/24 ball hit the net even more regularly?

Check out how the Premier League Nike ball has changed over the years in our Nike Ball Hub.

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