How Premier League and NSPCC work together

28 Sep 2022
PL and NSPCC lock-up image for young people

Find out more about the partnership which helps youngsters have positive football experiences

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The Premier League and the NSPCC have been working in partnership over the past two seasons to help provide children and young people involved in academy football or League-funded community programmes with positive football experiences.

This includes working together to develop an empowerment programme for children and young people, to help them understand how to recognise abuse and how to speak out or seek support.

As part of The FA's Play Safe campaign, running across 1-2 October, the Premier League will be working with the NSPCC to fund its Childline service as part of the charity's "One Unforgettable Day" initiative.

"By funding Childline, the Premier League are ensuring that children and young people across the UK have somewhere to turn if they need help or support."

Sir Peter Wanless, NSPCC chief executive

"We believe that everyone has a part to play in keeping children and young people safe and preventing abuse," said NSPCC chief executive Sir Peter Wanless.

"That's why we're delighted that on Play Safe weekend, a weekend that brings the whole football community at every level together to focus on safeguarding, the Premier League is building on our fantastic partnership and funding the NSPCC's life-changing Childline service for the whole weekend.

"By funding Childline, the Premier League are ensuring that children and young people across the UK have somewhere to turn if they need help or support."

Childline support

Childline is a free, confidential service available online, on the phone, anytime for children and young people up to 19 years old.

"The work that the NSPCC and Childline do is invaluable in supporting children and young people," said Jess Addicott, Premier League Head of Safeguarding.

"The Premier League is pleased to be able to add to this great work during the Play Safe weekend by providing funding to cover all 12 Childline bases across the UK for one day, helping those that need advice and support."

The Play Safe campaign aims to ensure that from grass roots to the elite, football is working together to ensure that the game is safe for everyone, especially children and young people.

How NSPCC works with clubs

The NSPCC has been offering online safety sessions to young players as part of the Premier League’s Life Skills programme, supporting them to keep themselves safe in an online space.

The organisation also works closely with clubs and their community organisations to provide regular awareness sessions to staff on topics like online safety, children’s mental health and anti-bullying.

This partnership activity aims to increase awareness of safeguarding issues, provide staff with resources which can enhance their work in this space and help educate them on ways they can support and protect children and young people.

For more information on Childline and the support available, head to or call 0800 1111.

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