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Premier League 2020/21 fixtures

30 Apr 2021
Burnley v West Bromwich Albion

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You can find the dates and times of the 380 Premier League fixtures for the 2020/21 season below.

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Aston Villa v Everton
Southampton v Crystal Palace

Saturday 12 September

12:30 Fulham v Arsenal (BT Sport)
15:00 Crystal Palace v Southampton (BT Sport)
17:30 Liverpool v Leeds (Sky Sports)
20:00 West Ham v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Sunday 13 September

14:00 West Brom v Leicester (Sky Sports)
16:30 Spurs v Everton (Sky Sports)

Monday 14 September

18:00 Sheffield Utd v Wolves (Sky Sports)
20:15 Brighton v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Saturday 19 September

12:30 Everton v West Brom (BT Sport)
15:00 Leeds v Fulham (BT Sport)
17:30 Man Utd v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)
20:00 Arsenal v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Sunday 20 September

12:00 Southampton v Spurs (BT Sport)
14:00 Newcastle v Brighton (Sky Sports)
16:30 Chelsea v Liverpool (Sky Sports)
19:00 Leicester v Burnley (BBC Sport)

Monday 21 September

18:00 Aston Villa v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports)
20:15 Wolves v Man City (Sky Sports)

Saturday 26 September

12:30 Brighton v Man Utd (BT Sport)
15:00 Crystal Palace v Everton (Amazon Prime)
17:30 West Brom v Chelsea (Sky Sports)
20:00 Burnley v Southampton (Sky Sports)

Sunday 27 September

12:00 Sheffield Utd v Leeds (BT Sport)
14:00 Spurs v Newcastle (Sky Sports)
16:30 Man City v Leicester (Sky Sports)
19:00 West Ham v Wolves (BT Sport)

Monday 28 September

17:45 Fulham v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)
20:00 Liverpool v Arsenal (Sky Sports) 

Saturday 3 October

12:30 Chelsea v Crystal Palace (BT Sport)
15:00 Everton v Brighton (BT Sport)
17:30 Leeds v Man City (Sky Sports)
20:00 Newcastle v Burnley (Sky Sports)

Sunday 4 October 

12:00 Leicester v West Ham (BT Sport)
12:00 Southampton v West Brom (BT Sport)
14:00 Arsenal v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports)
14:00 Wolves v Fulham (Sky Sports)
16:30 Man Utd v Spurs (Sky Sports)
19:15 Aston Villa v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Saturday 17 October

12:30 Everton v Liverpool (BT Sport)
15:00 Chelsea v Southampton (BT Sport Box Office)
17:30 Man City v Arsenal (Sky Sports)
20:00 Newcastle v Man Utd (Sky Sports Box Office)

Sunday 18 October

12:00 Sheffield Utd v Fulham (BT Sport Box Office)
14:00 Crystal Palace v Brighton (Sky Sports)
16:30 Spurs v West Ham (Sky Sports)
19:15 Leicester v Aston Villa (Sky Sports Box Office)

Monday 19 October

17:30 West Brom v Burnley (Sky Sports Box Office)
20:00 Leeds v Wolves (Sky Sports)

Friday 23 October

20:00 Aston Villa v Leeds

Saturday 24 October

12:30 West Ham v Man City (BT Sport)
15:00 Fulham v Crystal Palace (BT Sport Box Office)
17:30 Man Utd v Chelsea (Sky Sports)
20:00 Liverpool v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports Box Office)

Sunday 25 October

14:00 Southampton v Everton (Sky Sports)
16:30 Wolves v Newcastle (Sky Sports)
19:15 Arsenal v Leicester (Sky Sports Box Office)

Monday 26 October

17:30 Brighton v West Brom (Sky Sports Box Office)
20:00 Burnley v Spurs (Sky Sports)

Friday 30 October

20:00 Wolves v Crystal Palace (BT Sport Box Office)

Saturday 31 October

12:30 Sheffield Utd v Man City (BT Sport)
15:00 Burnley v Chelsea (BT Sport Box Office)
17:30 Liverpool v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Sunday 1 November

12:00 Aston Villa v Southampton (Sky Sports Box Office)
14:00 Newcastle v Everton (Sky Sports)
16:30 Man Utd v Arsenal (Sky Sports)
19:15 Spurs v Brighton (Sky Sports Box Office)

Monday 2 November

17:30 Fulham v West Brom (Sky Sports Box Office)
20:00 Leeds v Leicester (Sky Sports)

Friday 6 November

17:30 Brighton v Burnley (Sky Sports Box Office)
20:00 Southampton v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Saturday 7 November

12:30 Everton v Man Utd (BT Sport)
15:00 Crystal Palace v Leeds (BT Sport Box Office)
17:30 Chelsea v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports)
20:00 West Ham v Fulham (BT Sport Box Office)

Sunday 8 November

12:00 West Brom v Spurs (Sky Sports Box Office)
14:00 Leicester v Wolves (Sky Sports)
16:30 Man City v Liverpool (Sky Sports)
19:15 Arsenal v Aston Villa (Sky Sports Box Office)

Saturday 21 November

12:30 Newcastle v Chelsea (BT Sport)
15:00 Aston Villa v Brighton (BT Sport)
17:30 Spurs v Man City (Sky Sports)
20:00 Man Utd v West Brom (BT Sport) 

Sunday 22 November

12:00 Fulham v Everton (BBC Sport)
14:00 Sheffield Utd v West Ham (Sky Sports)
16:30 Leeds v Arsenal (Sky Sports)
19:15 Liverpool v Leicester (Sky Sports)

Monday 23 November

17:30 Burnley v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)
20:00 Wolves v Southampton (Sky Sports)

Friday 27 November

20:00 Crystal Palace v Newcastle (Amazon Prime Video)

Saturday 28 November

12:30 Brighton v Liverpool (BT Sport)
15:00 Man City v Burnley (BT Sport)
17:30 Everton v Leeds (Sky Sports)
20:00 West Brom v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports)

Sunday 29 November

14:00 Southampton v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
16:30 Chelsea v Spurs (Sky Sports)
19:15 Arsenal v Wolves (Sky Sports)

Monday 30 November

17:30 Leicester v Fulham (Sky Sports)
20:00 West Ham v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)

Friday 4 December

20:00 Aston Villa v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Saturday 5 December

12:30 Burnley v Everton (BT Sport)
15:00 Man City v Fulham (BT Sport)
17:30 West Ham v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
20:00 Chelsea v Leeds (Sky Sports)

Sunday 6 December

12:00 West Brom v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)
14:15 Sheffield Utd v Leicester (Sky Sports)
16:30 Spurs v Arsenal (Sky Sports)
19:15 Liverpool v Wolves (Amazon Prime Video)

Monday 7 December

20:00 Brighton v Southampton (Sky Sports)

Friday 11 December

20:00 Leeds v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Saturday 12 December

12:30 Wolves v Aston Villa (BT Sport)
15:00 Newcastle v West Brom (Sky Sports)
17:30 Man Utd v Man City (Sky Sports)
20:00 Everton v Chelsea (BT Sport) 

Sunday 13 December

12:00 Southampton v Sheff Utd (Sky Sports)
14:15 Crystal Palace v Spurs (Sky Sports)
16:30 Fulham v Liverpool (Sky Sports)
19:15 Arsenal v Burnley (Sky Sports)
19:15 Leicester v Brighton (Amazon Prime Video)

Tuesday 15 December

18:00 Wolves v Chelsea (Amazon Prime Video)
20:00 Man City v West Brom (Amazon Prime Video)

Wednesday 16 December

18:00 Arsenal v Southampton (Amazon Prime Video)
18:00 Leeds v Newcastle (Amazon Prime Video)
18:00 Leicester v Everton (Amazon Prime Video)
20:00 Fulham v Brighton (Amazon Prime Video)
20:00 Liverpool v Spurs (Amazon Prime Video)
20:00 West Ham v Crystal Palace (Amazon Prime Video)

Thursday 17 December

18:00 Aston Villa v Burnley (Amazon Prime Video)
20:00 Sheffield Utd v Man Utd (Amazon Prime Video)

Saturday 19 December

12:30 Crystal Palace v Liverpool (BT Sport)
15:00 Southampton v Man City (Amazon Prime Video)
17:30 Everton v Arsenal (Sky Sports)
20:00 Newcastle v Fulham (Sky Sports)

Sunday 20 December

12:00 Brighton v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports)
14:15 Spurs v Leicester (Sky Sports)
16:30 Man Utd v Leeds (Sky Sports)
19:15 West Brom v Aston Villa (BT Sport)

Monday 21 December

17:30 Burnley v Wolves (Sky Sports)
20:00 Chelsea v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Saturday 26 December

12:30 Leicester v Man Utd (BT Sport)
15:00 Aston Villa v Crystal Palace (BBC)
15:00 Fulham v Southampton (Sky Sports)
17:30 Arsenal v Chelsea (Sky Sports)
20:00 Man City v Newcastle (BT Sport)
20:00 Sheffield Utd v Everton (BT Sport)

Sunday 27 December

12:00 Leeds v Burnley (Sky Sports)
14:15 West Ham v Brighton (Sky Sports)
16:30 Liverpool v West Brom (Sky Sports)
19:15 Wolves v Spurs (Sky Sports)

Monday 28 December

15:00 Crystal Palace v Leicester (Amazon Prime Video)
17:30 Chelsea v Aston Villa (Amazon Prime Video)
20:00 Everton v Man City (Amazon Prime Video)

Tuesday 29 December

18:00 Brighton v Arsenal (Amazon Prime Video)
18:00 Burnley v Sheffield Utd (Amazon Prime Video)
18:00 Southampton v West Ham (Amazon Prime Video)
18:00 West Brom v Leeds (Amazon Prime Video)
20:00 Man Utd v Wolves (Amazon Prime Video)

Wednesday 30 December

18:00 Spurs v Fulham (Amazon Prime Video)
20:00 Newcastle v Liverpool (Amazon Prime Video)

Friday 1 January

17:30 Everton v West Ham (BT Sport)
20:00 Man Utd v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)

Saturday 2 January

12:30 Spurs v Leeds (BT Sport)
15:00 Crystal Palace v Sheff Utd (Sky Sports)
17:30 Brighton v Wolves (Sky Sports)
20:00 West Brom v Arsenal (BT Sport)

Sunday 3 January

12:00 Burnley v Fulham (Sky Sports)
14:15 Newcastle v Leicester (Sky Sports)
16:30 Chelsea v Man City (Sky Sports)

Monday 4 January

20:00 Southampton v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

*Matchweek 18 fixtures have been split between 12-14 January and 19-21 January and are signified by an asterisk.

Tuesday 12 January

18:00 Sheff Utd v Newcastle (Sky Sports)*
20:15 Wolves v Everton (Sky Sports)*
20:15 Burnley v Man Utd (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 13 January

18:00 Man City v Brighton (BT Sport)*
20:15 Aston Villa v Spurs (Sky Sports)*

Thursday 14 January

20:00 Arsenal v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)*

Friday 15 January

20:00 Fulham v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Saturday 16 January

12:30 Wolves v West Brom (BT Sport)
15:00 Leeds v Brighton (Sky Sports)
15:00 West Ham v Burnley (Amazon Prime)
17:30 Aston Villa v Everton (Sky Sports)
20:00 Leicester v Southampton (BT Sport)

Sunday 17 January

14:00 Sheffield Utd v Spurs (Sky Sports)
16:30 Liverpool v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
19:15 Man City v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

Monday 18 January

20:00 Arsenal v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 19 January

18:00 West Ham v West Brom (BT Sport)*
20:15 Leicester v Chelsea (Sky Sports)*

Wednesday 20 January

18:00 Man City v Aston Villa (BT Sport)
20:15 Fulham v Man Utd (BT Sport)*

Thursday 21 January

20:00 Liverpool v Burnley (Sky Sports)*

Saturday 23 January

20:00 Aston Villa v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 26 January

18:00 Crystal Palace v West Ham (BT Sport)
18:00 Newcastle v Leeds (BT Sport)
20:15 Southampton v Arsenal (BT Sport)
20:15 West Brom v Man City (BT Sport)

Wednesday 27 January

18:00 Burnley v Aston Villa (BT Sport)
18:00 Chelsea v Wolves (BT Sport)
19:30 Brighton v Fulham (BT Sport) 
20:15 Everton v Leicester (BT Sport)
20:15 Man Utd v Sheffield Utd (BT Sport)

Thursday 28 January

20:00 Spurs v Liverpool (BT Sport)

Saturday 30 January

12:30 Everton v Newcastle (BT Sport)
15:00 Crystal Palace v Wolves (Sky Sports)
15:00 Man City v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports)
15:00 West Brom v Fulham (BT Sports)
17:30 Arsenal v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
20:00 Southampton v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)

Sunday 31 January

12:00 Chelsea v Burnley (BT Sport)
14:00 Leicester v Leeds (Sky Sports)
16:30 West Ham v Liverpool (Sky Sports)
19:15 Brighton v Spurs (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 2 February 

18:00 Sheffield Utd v West Brom (BT Sport)
18:00 Wolves v Arsenal (BT Sport)
20:15 Man Utd v Southampton (BT Sport)
20:15 Newcastle v Crystal Palace (BT Sport)

Wednesday 3 February

18:00 Burnley v Man City (BT Sport)
18:00 Fulham v Leicester (BT Sport)
19:30 Leeds v Everton (BT Sport)
20:15 Aston Villa v West Ham (BT Sport)
20:15 Liverpool v Brighton (BT Sport)

Thursday 4 February

20:00 Spurs v Chelsea (BT Sport)

Saturday 6 February

12:30 Aston Villa v Arsenal (BT Sport)
15:00 Burnley v Brighton (Sky Sports)
15:00 Newcastle v Southampton (BT Sport)
17:30 Fulham v West Ham (Sky Sports)
20:00 Man Utd v Everton (Sky Sports)*
(*moved from 8 Feb for FA Cup match) 

Sunday 7 February

12:00 Spurs v West Brom (BT Sport)
14:00 Wolves v Leicester (Sky Sports)
16:30 Liverpool v Man City (Sky Sports)
19:15 Sheffield Utd v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Monday 8 February 

20:00 Leeds v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

Saturday 13 February

12:30 Leicester v Liverpool (BT Sport)
15:00 Crystal Palace v Burnley (Sky Sports)
17:30 Man City v Spurs (Sky Sports)
20:00 Brighton v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)

Sunday 14 February 

12:00 Southampton v Wolves (Amazon Prime)
14:00 West Brom v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
16:30 Arsenal v Leeds (Sky Sports)
19:00 Everton v Fulham (BT Sport)

Monday 15 February 

18:00 West Ham v Sheffield Utd (BT Sport)
20:00 Chelsea v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 17 February 

18:00 Burnley v Fulham (Sky Sports)
20:15 Everton v Man City (Amazon Prime)

Friday 19 February 

20:00 Wolves v Leeds (BT Sport)

Saturday 20 February

12:30 Southampton v Chelsea (BT Sport)
15:00 Burnley v West Brom (Sky Sports)
17:30 Liverpool v Everton (Sky Sports)
20:00 Fulham v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports)

Sunday 21 February 

12:00 West Ham v Spurs (Sky Sports)
14:00 Aston Villa v Leicester (Sky Sports)
16:30 Arsenal v Man City (Sky Sports)
19:00 Man Utd v Newcastle (BT Sport)

Monday 22 February 

20:00 Brighton v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 22 February 

18:00 Leeds v Southampton (Sky Sports)

Saturday 27 February

12:30 Man City v West Ham (BT Sport)
15:00 West Brom v Brighton (Sky Sports)
17:30 Leeds v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)
20:00 Newcastle v Wolves (Sky Sports)

Sunday 28 February

12:00 Crystal Palace v Fulham (BBC)
12:00 Leicester v Arsenal (BT Sport)
14:00 Spurs v Burnley (Sky Sports)
16:30 Chelsea v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
19:15 Sheffield Utd v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Monday 1 March 

20:00 Everton v Southampton (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 2 March

20:00 Man City v Wolves (BT Sport)

Wednesday 3 March

18:00 Burnley v Leicester (Sky Sports)
18:00 Sheff Utd v Aston Villa (BT Sport)
20:15 Crystal Palace v Man Utd (Sky Sports)

Thursday 4 March

18:00 Fulham v Spurs (BT Sport)
18:00 West Brom v Everton (Sky Sports)
20:15 Liverpool v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Saturday 6 March

12:30 Burnley v Arsenal (BT Sport)
15:00 Sheff Utd v Southampton (Sky Sports)
17:30 Aston Villa v Wolves (Sky Sports)
20:00 Brighton v Leicester (Sky Sports)

Sunday 7 March

12:00 West Brom v Newcastle (Amazon Prime)
14:00 Liverpool v Fulham (Sky Sports)
16:30 Man City v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
19:15 Spurs v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

Monday 8 March

18:00 Chelsea v Everton (BT Sport)
20:00 West Ham v Leeds (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 10 March

18:00 Man City v Southampton (Sky Sports)

Friday 12 March

20:00 Newcastle v Aston Villa (BT Sport)

Saturday 13 March

12:30 Leeds v Chelsea (BT Sport)
15:00 Crystal Palace v West Brom (Sky Sports)
17:30 Everton v Burnley (Sky Sports)
20:00 Fulham v Man City (BT Sport)

Sunday 14 March

12:00 Southampton v Brighton (BBC)
14:00 Leicester v Sheffield United (Sky Sports)
16:30 Arsenal v Spurs (Sky Sports)
19:15 Man Utd v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Monday 15 March

20:00 Wolves v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Friday 19 March

20:00 Fulham v Leeds (Sky Sports)

Saturday 20 March

20:00 Brighton v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Sunday 21 March

15:00 West Ham v Arsenal (Sky Sports)
19:30 Aston Villa v Spurs (Sky Sports)

(all times BST)

Saturday 3 April

12:30 Chelsea v West Brom (BT Sport)
15:00 Leeds v Sheff Utd (Amazon Prime)
17:30 Leicester v Man City (Sky Sports)
20:00 Arsenal v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Sunday 4 April

12:00 Southampton v Burnley (Sky Sports)
14:05 Newcastle v Spurs (Sky Sports)
16:30 Aston Villa v Fulham (Sky Sports) 
19:30 Man Utd v Brighton (BT Sport)

Monday 5 April

18:00 Everton v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)
20:15 Wolves v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Friday 9 April

20:00 Fulham v Wolves (BT Sport)

Saturday 10 April

12:30 Man City v Leeds (BT Sport)
15:00 Liverpool v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)
17:30 Crystal Palace v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Sunday 11 April

12:00 Burnley v Newcastle (Sky Sports)
14:05 West Ham v Leicester (Sky Sports)
16:30 Spurs v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
19:00 Sheff Utd v Arsenal (BT Sport)

Monday 12 April

18:00 West Brom v Southampton (Sky Sports)
20:15 Brighton v Everton (Sky Sports)

Friday 16 April

20:00 Everton v Spurs (Sky Sports)

Saturday 17 April

12:30 Newcastle v West Ham (Sky Sports)
20:15 Wolves v Sheff Utd (Sky Sports)

Sunday 18 April

13:30 Arsenal v Fulham (Sky Sports)
16:00 Man Utd v Burnley (Sky Sports)

Monday 19 April

20:00 Leeds v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 20 April

20:00 Chelsea v Brighton (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 21 April

18:00 Spurs v Southampton (Sky Sports)
20:15 Aston Villa v Man City (Sky Sports)

Thursday 22 April

20:00 Leicester v West Brom (BT Sport)

Friday 23 April

20:00 Arsenal v Everton (Sky Sports)

Saturday 24 April

12:30 Liverpool v Newcastle (BT Sport)
17:30 West Ham v Chelsea (Sky Sports)
20:00 Sheff Utd v Brighton (Sky Sports)

Sunday 25 April

12:00 Wolves v Burnley (BBC)
14:00 Leeds v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
19:00 Aston Villa v West Brom (BT Sport)

Monday 26 April

20:00 Leicester v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

Friday 30 April

20:00 Southampton v Leicester (Sky Sports)

Saturday 1 May

12:30 Crystal Palace v Man City (BT Sport)
15:00 Brighton v Leeds (Amazon Prime)
17:30 Chelsea v Fulham (Sky Sports)
20:00 Everton v Aston Villa (BT Sport)

Sunday 2 May

14:00 Newcastle v Arsenal (Sky Sports)
16:30 Man Utd v Liverpool (Sky Sports)
19:15 Spurs v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports)

Monday 3 May

18:00 West Brom v Wolves (Sky Sports)
20:15 Burnley v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Friday 7 May

20:00 Leicester v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Saturday 8 May

12:30 Leeds v Spurs (BT Sport)
15:00 Sheffield Utd v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)
17:30 Man City v Chelsea (Sky Sports)
20:15 Liverpool v Southampton (Sky Sports)

Sunday 9 May

12:00 Wolves v Brighton (BBC)
14:05 Aston Villa v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
16:30 West Ham v Everton (Sky Sports)
19:00 Arsenal v West Brom (BT Sport)

Monday 10 May

20:00 Fulham v Burnley (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 11 May 

18:00 Man Utd v Leicester (BT Sport)
20:15 Southampton v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 12 May

20:15 Chelsea v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

Thursday 13 May 

18:00 Aston Villa v Everton (Sky Sports) 
20:15 Man Utd v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Friday 14 May 

20:00 Newcastle v Man City (Sky Sports)

Saturday 15 May 

12:30 Burnley v Leeds (BT Sport)
15:00 Southampton v Fulham (Sky Sports)
20:00 Brighton v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Sunday 16 May

12:00 Crystal Palace v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)
14:05 Spurs v Wolves (Sky Sports)
16:30 West Brom v Liverpool (Sky Sports)
19:00 Everton v Sheff Utd (BT Sport)

Tuesday 18 May

18:00 Man Utd v Fulham (Sky Sports)
18:00 Southampton v Leeds (Sky Sports)
19:00 Brighton v Man City (BT Sport)
20:15 Chelsea v Leicester (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 19 May

18:00 Everton v Wolves (Sky Sports)
18:00 Newcastle v Sheff Utd (Sky Sports)
18:00 Spurs v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)
19:00 Crystal Palace v Arsenal (BT Sport)
20:15 Burnley v Liverpool (Sky Sports) 
20:15 West Brom v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Sunday 23 May

16:00 Arsenal v Brighton (Sky Sports Arena)
16:00 Aston Villa v Chelsea (Sky Sports Action)
16:00 Fulham v Newcastle (Sky Sports Mix)
16:00 Leeds v West Brom (BT Sport 2)
16:00 Leicester v Spurs (Sky Sports Football)
16:00 Liverpool v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports Main Event)
16:00 Man City v Everton (Sky Sports Premier League)
16:00 Sheffield Utd v Burnley (BT Sport 3)
16:00 West Ham v Southampton (Sky One)
16:00 Wolves v Man Utd (BT Sport 1)

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