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Experts' best ways to use FPL Bench Boost or Free Hit

By The Scout 14 Jun 2020
Mikel Arteta

With unlimited transfers before Gameweek 30+ deadline, the Scout's panel of experts reveal their chip strategies for the run-in

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There are now just a few days remaining until 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League returns.

Managers can make unlimited transfers before the Gameweek 30+ deadline of 18:00 BST on Wednesday 17 June.

Four teams - Arsenal, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Sheffield United - all play twice in Gameweek 30+.

But before managers start planning their squads, they must consider the chips they have remaining as this will shape their strategies for the run-in.

The Scout's panel of experts explain their tactics for the remaining nine Gameweeks.

Expert 30+ 31+ 32+ 38+ Undecided
Geoff Dance BB WC     FH
Tom Cantle FH       BB
Holly Shand FH       BB
Ben Crabtree BB FH WC    
Sam Bonfield BB WC   FH   
Chuck Booth         FH, BB
Ash @FPLHints BB WC FH    
Paul Gee BB  WC      FH 

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What the experts say 

Geoff Dance (@GeoffreyDance): Once I decide upon my Wildcard team, I will then pick a Gameweek that looks the best option for the Free Hit chip.

Tom Cantle (@WGTA_FPL): I’ll monitor the fixtures and use my Bench Boost chip for what I consider to be the most appealing single Gameweek.

Holly Shand (@FFCommunity_): My plan is to keep the Bench Boost chip for a week when I've got a bench conundrum.

Ben Crabtree (@FC_CrabDogg): I'm looking to give myself two weeks of information before I Wildcard and set my team for the rest of the season.

Sam Bonfield (@FPLFamily): I currently think I'll use my Free Hit chip in the final Gameweek but that still might change depending on form and other transfers I make beforehand.

Ben McNair (@drbenmcnair): I think the chip strategy is a really tough call for those who are happy with their team and have their chips remaining. I’m still thinking it through. I like the idea of having the Wildcard up my sleeve.

Chuck Booth (@ChuckBoothSport): I have made some transfers to ensure that I’ll have at least five Double Gameweek players, although my bench isn’t very appealing for the Bench Boost chip. When I’ll use my chips will depend on future transfers.

Paul Gee (FPLPaulGee): I plan on keeping it simple and using my Bench Boost chip this week to take advantage of the Double Gameweek, and then Wildcarding straight after. My Free Hit chip is still up in the air depending on injuries and the state of my team, or if I really want to attack a few specific fixtures.

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