Deeney: Accepting I had a problem was vital to my recovery

30 May 2020

Watford striker talks about his own mental health challenges as part of the Premier League's #StayWell hub

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Accepting he had a problem was the biggest hurdle faced by Watford striker Troy Deeney before he could start addressing his own mental health issues and move forward.

Deeney has shared his experiences to support the Premier League's #StayWell hub, passing on advice of his own to people who may be struggling with similar issues.

The hub shares tips and guidance from experts, clubs and players as well as from the NHS and national organisations working in these areas to help supporters maintain their health in these challenging times. 

"Accepting you have a problem is the hardest part, but once you do there is a huge relief," Deeney says. "Your shoulders slump a little bit and you feel as if a big weight has been lifted.  

"Talking and showing your vulnerabilities is not a sign of weakness."

Troy Deeney

"I was angry all the time, I was drinking a lot and I was very detached. I isolated myself and did things on my own, which I thought was protecting everybody, but in the long term it made me distance myself from everyone and I started losing people I really cared about." 

Deeney has now realised that opening up does not make him less of a man.

"Talking and showing your vulnerabilities is not a sign of weakness," he says. "Now I’m trying to talk a lot more and hopefully becoming a better person because of it."

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