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Time to get your FPL Draft started

7 Sep 2019

If you haven't tried out Draft, the international break is an ideal time to try the exciting way to test your FPL skills

Fantasy Premier League Draft gives Fantasy Premier League managers a great opportunity to test their skills.

And the first international break of 2019/20 is an ideal time to try it out.

FPL Draft is free to play and runs alongside the Fantasy Premier League season, using the same scoring system.

Similar to FPL, Fantasy managers also pick a 15-man squad in Draft.

But there is one big difference. Each player can be owned by only one manager in each mini-league.

One player, one manager

So only one manager in your mini-league can have Mohamed Salah, only one can have Kevin De Bruyne.

The first four Gameweeks of the season can help identify players who may have been overlooked.

For example, Teemu Pukki and Mason Mount are the two most bought players in 2019/20 FPL.

Norwich City striker Pukki scored five goals and supplied an assist over August, and has now been transferred into over 2.3m FPL squads.

Yet on average, he was only the 78th top pick for FPL Draft managers in eight-team leagues in their opening rounds.

Chelsea midfielder Mount has been acquired by 1.3m managers on the back of his two goals, but was 84th top pick for FPL managers in eight-team leagues ahead of Gameweek 1.

No budgets

An exciting aspect of FPL Draft is that there are no player prices and no budgets, which means managers can build a squad of big-hitters they may not normally afford in FPL.

In the draft, each manager takes their turn to select players over 15 rounds.

Managers have between 30-120 seconds to select a player in the Draft, depending on the time selected by the league administrator.

The order of picks is decided randomly at first and will then "snake" from round to round, with the order of selection reversed each time.


Round 1: Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D.
Round 2: Team D, Team C, Team B, Team A.

Sign up

If you are not yet signed up to FPL, you will need to register an account. You can do so here.

Then you just name your team and join a league.

Private and public leagues

You can create a private Draft league of up to 16 managers and invite friends to get involved.

Or you can join a private league that they have set up using the league code.

You can also choose to be in a public league that has four, six or eight managers.

The date of the draft is set by the league administrator, while drafts in public leagues will take place within 30 minutes after the first team joins.

There is the opportunity to take part in a mock draft, allowing you to experience the draft process before doing one for real.

How to use watchlist

It's wise to build a watchlist of targets to help avoid losing precious time when considering your selections.

This watchlist will be used to automatically select a player if you are not available to make a pick.

Once the draft has finished, you can change your squad before and during the season using waiver requests, by signing players who are free agents or by trading players with mini-league rivals.

This weekend's international break is a perfect opportunity for managers starting a new FPL Draft league to use the early-season form to their advantage and help shape their plans before Gameweek 5 gets underway on Saturday 14 September. 

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