The Premier League
Premier League

The Final Standings

The Premier League’s equitable income distribution model helps clubs to invest in a wide range of projects, creating interest and opportunity.

Chelsea - Final Standings

Our distribution of broadcast and central income to clubs supports them in their efforts to develop and acquire talented players, build and improve facilities and support communities. This season's ratio between the highest and lowest earning club is 1.61:1 – the lowest and most equitable of Europe’s major leagues.

The table below shows the final league positions for season 2016/17 alongside the value of payments of broadcast and central income.

Please note: Numbers will not sum to the totals due to rounding

This abridged table charts the Premier League teams
MorePosTeamWDLGDPtsEqual share paymentsFacility feesMerit paymentTotal paymentTotal £
1ChelseaCHE3035 +52 93£79.2m£32.8m£38.8m£150.8m
2SpursTOT2684 +60 86£79.2m£29.4m£36.9m£145.5m
3Man CityMCI2396 +41 78£79.2m£32.8m£34.9m£146.9m
4LiverpoolLIV22106 +36 76£79.2m£34.0m£33.0m£146.1m
5ArsenalARS2369 +33 75£79.2m£29.4m£31.1m£139.6m
6Man UtdMUN18155 +25 69£79.2m£32.8m£29.1m£141.1m
7EvertonEVE171011 +18 61£79.2m£21.5m£27.2m£127.8m
8SouthamptonSOU121016 -7 46£79.2m£18.1m£25.2m£122.5m
9BournemouthBOU121016 -12 46£79.2m£15.8m£23.3m£118.2m
10West BromWBA12917 -8 45£79.2m£13.5m£21.4m£114.0m
11West HamWHU12917 -17 45£79.2m£18.1m£19.4m£116.6m
12LeicesterLEI12818 -15 44£79.2m£19.2m£17.5m£115.8m
13StokeSTK111116 -15 44£79.2m£12.4m£15.5m£107.1m
14Crystal PalaceCRY12521 -13 41£79.2m£16.9m£13.6m£109.7m
15SwanseaSWA12521 -25 41£79.2m£12.4m£11.6m£103.2m
16BurnleyBUR11720 -16 40£79.2m£12.4m£9.7m£101.2m
17WatfordWAT11720 -28 40£79.2m£15.8m£7.8m£102.7m
18HullHUL9722 -43 34£79.2m£12.4m£5.8m£97.4m
19MiddlesbroughMID51320 -26 28£79.2m£15.8m£3.9m£98.8m
20SunderlandSUN6626 -40 24£79.2m£12.4m£1.9m£93.5m

The Premier League

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This is Premier League publication 2017/18 (9.1MB)

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This is Premier League publication 2017/18 (0.1MB)

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