Rainbow Laces: Callum's story

24 May 2019

Watford fan Callum Jewell on forming The Proud Hornets and the story behind the spectacular mosaic at Vicarage Road

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Inspired by seeing LGBT fan groups formed at other clubs Callum Jewell set about establishing one for the team he had supported through thick and thin, Watford.

"Our most famous owner [Elton John] is gay, we have a stand named after him, so I messaged the club," Jewell said.

With the help of Watford - "the club's been excellent," Jewell said - The Proud Hornets was born in 2017.

And during Stonewall's 2018/19 Rainbow Laces campaign came perhaps Jewell's proudest moment.

The Proud Hornets and another Watford fan group, The 1881 Movement, worked together to celebrate the Premier League's support for the campaign in spectacular fashion.

When the Watford and Manchester City teams walked out at Vicarage Road on 4 December 2018, they were greeted by a rainbow mosaic made up of cards displayed by fans that filled the Rookery End.

"The display was incredible, I've never seen anything like it," Jewell said.

"It's a really positive thing to see the biggest league in the world so open to the idea of LGBT people and be so welcoming to us."

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