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Davis: 300 appearances seemed so far away!

28 Feb 2018

Southampton midfielder recalls debut and favourite PL match after being honoured with Milestone award

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By the time his debut was over, a 19-year-old Steven Davis had no idea if he had done enough to earn only a second appearance in the Premier League.

"I didn't really remember too much about it, it was all a little bit frantic and a bit of a blur," Davis says of his PL bow for Aston Villa.

"But I must've done something right as I've managed to make quite a few appearances since then!" 

Fourteen years and more than 300 matches later, the Southampton midfielder, who also played for Fulham, is one of the latest players whose achievements are being celebrated with a Premier League Milestone Award. 

"You always dream of playing in the Premier League so to make my debut was a huge moment.

"Then you just take it step by step. I didn't set myself any goals, 300 seemed so far away at that point! 

"I'm feeling good. I want to play for as long as possible. You can always learn, always improve. Hopefully, I can continue doing that."  

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