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How does the work-permit process work for transfers?

1 Jan 2022
Maduka Okoye WAT goalkeeper

Find out what criteria a player needs to work in the UK

Where applicable, a club’s application to register a player has to be accompanied by evidence to allow the League to demonstrate that the player may take up employment in the UK.

The League will not confirm the player is eligible to play for the club applying to register him until it has received such evidence. (Rule U.13) 

Players with passports from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area need permission to work in the UK.

A club need to have applied for a permit prior to the window closing.

The UK Home Office has a points-based system based on which clubs must apply to The FA for a "Governing Body Endorsement" for such players. (See p625 of the Premier League Handbook 2022/23 (Download PDF, size: 14.9MB))

If the player does not automatically meet these criteria, the club can request an FA Exceptions Panel consider the player’s experience and value in order to determine whether a Governing Body Endorsement should nevertheless be granted.

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