Gabby Logan: Super Movers will improve kids' focus

17 Jan 2018
Gabby Logan, Super Movers launch, Ashmount Primary School

TV presenter sees the benefits of Premier League and BBC school programme to keep children active

As a mum of two, Gabby Logan knows how physical activity can help kids during a school day.

"I could see with my son that running around in the playground would make a difference," the television presenter says. "He was told to do push-ups at school to get some energy going.

"Then he went to a school where he did a lot more sport and it really helped him because he needed to get that out of the way."

This impact was one of the reasons why Logan was keen to be a part of Super Movers, a new partnership between the Premier League and the BBC.

Super Movers will help primary school teachers get their pupils active during the day with educational videos featuring stars from football and television.

"As a mum, I want my kids as active as possible," Logan adds. "I wish it was the norm that children do an hour of sport every day but there just isn't time in the curriculum for that.

"Not all schools have the facilities but with Super Movers you don't need that, you just need a few minutes and a screen in the classroom.

Logan praises Super Movers

"The children can stand at their desk, do the activity, and get back on with the lesson."

The Super Movers videos contain fun and easy-to-follow dance moves and songs that follow a theme, such as fractions, times tables and adjectives.

Logan was speaking at Ashmount Primary School, in north London, where she joined schoolchildren as they started the day with an active lesson, delivered by Arsenal in the Community

"They really enjoyed it," she says. "They had a smile on their face and they got rid of that excess energy.

"At the same time they were reading the screen, listening to the lyrics and learning the words as well as the moves.

"Without realising it, they were multi-functioning and multi-challenged, on a cerebral level and a physical level."

Logan also believes that Super Movers will help improve concentration levels in the children.

"One of the boys said to me that it gets rid of a bit of stress when he is writing all day," she says.

"At primary school children are expected to sit down in a classroom when for their first few years they have just run around.

"Sitting there focusing all day long can be quite a big task for them and it's natural to just get up and move and shake all of that out of their bodies."

Teachers can take advantage of the free resources on the Super Movers website.

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