Premier Skills boosting coaching talent in India

12 Oct 2017
Premier Skills, Bengaluru

Discover what happened when the Premier League programme visited Bengaluru and Mumbai to train community coaches

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'Premier Skills gave me courage to try new things'
Kuntala and Premier Skills
What is Premier Skills?

This week in India, 120 community coaches have taken the opportunity to earn qualifications and gain experience thanks to two Premier Skills courses in Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Premier Skills, run in partnership with the British Council, has been using football to inspire young people, often the most vulnerable in society across the world for the last 10 years.

Here we tell the story of an exciting week in India. 

Premier Skills, Bengaluru
Premier Skills has been running for 10 years and together with the British Council trains community coaches and referees, to give them the qualifications and skills to run programmes of their own
Premier Skills, Bengaluru
In Bengaluru, 60 coaches from the Sports Authority of India are being put through their paces
The Mumbai course is about to start...
Premier Skills, Mumbai
Another 60 coaches, including representatives from the 10 Indian Super League clubs, attend the Premier Skills course in Mumbai
Premier Skills, Bengaluru
Coaches from Arsenal, Man City, West Ham and West Brom are in Mumbai and Bengaluru to pass on their knowledge and expertise
"We've been so impressed with the coaches"
Premier Skills, Bengaluru
The team in Bengaluru were able to get close to the Premier League Trophy
Premier Skills, Bengaluru
The Premier Skills programme does not just train coaches, it also gives the chance for participants to become coach educators, so they have the qualifications to train others in their communities
Premier Skills, Bengaluru
With the knowledge and confidence gained on the week-long course, participants start to lead sessions on their own
Premier Skills, Bengaluru
As well as practical sessions on the pitch, the coaches also take part in classroom activities to reinforce their learning
Premier Skills, Mumbai
Former India captain Kuntala is an experienced Premier Skills coach and is passionate about getting more women and girls into football
Premier Skills, Mumbai
Two coaches in Mumbai plan their next coaching session
Premier Skills
Premier Skills also gives valuable training to referees and assistant referees
Premier Skills, Bengaluru
Coaches from the Bengaluru course will be able to show what they have learned this week at the Premier League Live fan-park event in the city at the weekend

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