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Fantasy is coming for 2024/25! Verify your account NOW

10 Jul 2024
Fantasy is coming

You've seen player prices and BIG changes to FPL. Now make sure you're ready for the launch

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Fantasy Premier League is coming for the 2024/25 season!

Player prices and position changes have been revealed. We've announced exciting NEW features that will change your strategies and make this a season like no other. 

NOW verify your Fantasy account and save time when the game launches, allowing you to be among the first managers in the world to pick a 2024/25 squad!

New to Fantasy Premier League? You can also follow the link below to get an early start on setting up your account, with lots of helpful tips and guides available.

See: Verify your Fantasy account now

Make sure you're staying up to date with all the latest news and analysis.

You can find it all at, or by following @OfficialFPL on X and Facebook.

To avoid missing anything, make sure you're signed up for notifications through your mobile device, and that you're opted in for Fantasy emails.

Why do we love FPL?

You’ve got 15 players, £100million to spend, 38 Gameweeks and a million ways to play. ​Trust your gut or crunch the numbers. ​Follow the money or dig for differentials. ​Plan ahead or panic-buy.

But it’s not HOW you play that matters – it’s WHO you play. ​Your colleagues. Your team-mates. Your family and friends.​

That’s what FPL is all about.​

It's the jokes over team names with your mates. It's the Arsenal fan admitting they've triple-captained Son Heung-min.​

It’s the group chat blowing up after a last-minute winner in a match between two teams that none of you support.​ It's losing to your mum in the cup – for the third year running…​

However you play, and whoever you play with, FPL will have you watching the Premier League in a whole new way.​

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