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'Spurs stuck by me to turn my life round'

18 Apr 2017
Myton, Tottenham Hotspur prison mentoring

Myton explains how his mentor Kieran and the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation helped him find work after prison

When an argument got out of hand and resulted in a prison sentence, Myton felt alone and feared for his job prospects.

"I got kicked out of school in Year 10. I want to say a lot of it was bad decisions," he says. "It was like I wouldn't think.

"One day me and my friends agreed to go to a party. We all met up with everybody and that's when we got into an altercation with another group.

"We ended up fighting and the police came straight away. That's when we got arrested.

"When I was in prison I didn't have anyone to rely on. I was isolated and lost confidence, while my hopes of finding a career faded." 

Myton's toughest time had a positive outcome though, thanks to the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation's prisoner mentoring programme.

The project provides support for young offenders coming towards the end of their custodial sentences - and Myton's mentor Kieran gave him invaluable careers advice and help with job applications.

"I met Kieran when I went to probation three years ago, and I’ve been with him throughout that time," says Myton.

"Kieran has done a lot for me. When we go for my mentoring sessions, he applies for various vacancies. Whatever I've wanted to do he'll try to do it.

"Before, when I wasn't coming to mentoring, if I was trying to find a job or apply for something online, they wouldn’t even get back to me. It was a big impact Kieran had."

"Now I evaluate my options and decisions and make better choices"


Myton, 20, was thrilled when he was given an apprenticeship at a railway maintenance firm.

"I was trying to get into the field of plumbing and then Kieran came across this engineering job and told me to look into it, so I applied for it," he says. "When I found out that I got it I couldn’t believe it.

"I'd just like to thank Kieran for helping me turn my life around for the better. I’ve never heard of a football club giving out services like this to young people.

“When I was reprimanded in prison, I never used to think about anything. I used to do stuff and think about it after. But now I evaluate my options and decisions and make better choices.

“Kieran was the one who stuck by me, helping me into my current role, and thanks to him I’m now looking forward to the future."

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