Man City's Treble win: What it means to the players

11 Jun 2023
Man City celebrate

Rodri, Gundogan, Haaland, Grealish and Walker on the emotions behind winning the UEFA Champions League

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“We made history. We deserved it because it wasn’t an easy year. [There were] ups and downs and lots of doubts. 

“I want to thank all the people who came to support a long way. They believed in us all these years even though we didn’t succeed.

“But today we did it, and it was massive. We made history, not only for the Champions League but with the Treble. We made history in England and in Europe and that was the step we needed to raise City to a top team.”

Ilkay Gundogan

“It’s an unbelievable night. It’s difficult to put into words, difficult to realise. Today we made history.

“It’s a Champions League final so it was clear it was going to be difficult for both teams. We weren’t our best in the first half. We were a little bit hesitant even though we had a couple of good chances.

“We had to better. I think that’s what we did but it was probably a 50/50 goal and one goal made the difference. We feel fortunate it was for us.

“We knew everyone was talking about the Treble especially after the FA Cup final. The pressure was there but this team is built to handle the pressure in the best possible way and we did it tonight.”

Erling Haaland

"[It’s] unbelievable. In my wildest dreams I would never think of this as a 22-year-old me to be honest.

“But it shows that it's possible for a guy from a small town in Norway. This also gives, I think, motivation to other young people in my same kind of situation playing football in the indoor hall in my hometown.

"We have to defend what we achieved this season. That's how it works. In a month, two months everything is forgotten and we have to attack it again.

"To work with Pep is really special. We have a good relationship and he's helped me a lot. I look forward to developing even more.

“I'm still young, I have a lot of years left. To be getting trained by him every day, the best coach in the world, it's a good place to be."

Jack Grealish

“He (Pep) is a genius. I said to him, ‘I want to thank you because you’ve made this happen for me’. He signed me for a lot of money and even when I was playing bad, he stayed there with me.

“This year he has given me the platform to play and perform. This is just what you work your whole life for. I’m so happy. To win a Treble with these players is so special.

“Everyone who knows me knows how much I’m a family person and how much I love football. Thanks to all the people who have helped me along the way. I just saw my family in the crowd and it makes me emotional.”

Kyle Walker

“I'm living the dream.

“My mum and dad are in the stand and where I've come from in Sheffield, it's not easy. 

"For them to be here and for me to experience the memories with them [is special]. I remember when my mum didn't have a pound for the ice cream van. 

"For her to be here, experiencing it with me, I'm so thankful. 

“I’m over the moon. I’m very rarely speechless, but my dream has just come true to achieve this with this club.  

“For everything they have done for every single one of us over the years and to achieve the Treble is unbelievable. I’ve been here six years now and to give me what it’s given me and the experiences I’ve had in football I’ll be for ever in debt.

"I made a speech before they went out and I was true to my word. It was emotional but this club means so much to me. 

“I said, ‘my dream is in your hands’. It’s as simple as that. No pressure and there was no pressure."

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