Bruno: Facing Liverpool is a massive challenge for me

2 Apr 2023
Bruno, Chelsea

Chelsea's interim head coach speaks of the size of the task ahead of Tuesday's match

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Interim head coach Bruno Saltor admits he faces a "massive challenge" as he leads Chelsea into Tuesday's match against Liverpool.

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The former Brighton & Hove Albion player joined Chelsea in October as part of Graham Potter's backroom staff, and now finds himself taking charge of the first team after his boss left the club on Sunday.

"It's a massive challenge," Bruno said. "I've been just four years a coach but 24 years involved in football.

"I have a lot of experience in changing rooms, trying to help players, guide players because I've been in those situations before.

"I've got the feeling I can help especially the young players who haven't been in that situation before."

Bruno has admitted he will be talking to his players for the first time since being appointed on Monday afternoon but does not envisage changing greatly from the tactics Potter put in place for the 2-0 home defeat by Villa, where he felt the team performed well overall.

"I don't have to give any clues to Liverpool [about team selection] but I thought we dominated the game [against Villa]," he added.

"We lost the game, there were a few mistakes but overall it was a good performance, we had a lot of chances and we're going to try to keep as close as we can [to that]."

Klopp: History keeps me in a job

In the opposite dugout will be the league's longest-serving manager in Jurgen Klopp, who has been at Liverpool for seven-and-a-half years.

Klopp himself has been going through a difficult season. His team are out of all cup competitions and are struggling in eighth position in the league, with an away record of 12 points from 14 matches that is worse than two clubs in the relegation zone, Southampton and Leicester City.

The German admits it is his past record of leading Liverpool to a first Premier League title in 2019/20, as well as UEFA Champions League glory in 2018/19, that has helped him to avoid the record number of Premier League managers who have lost their jobs this season.

"I'm aware of the fact I'm sitting here because of the past, not because of what we did this season," Klopp said. "If this was my first season, that would be slightly different. We have smart owners who know about the situation but that doesn't mean anything else.

"But I know I am here because of what happened in the last few years. I hate the fact I have to rely on that, if it's right or not, we will have to see in the future.

"I'm fully in it, no doubt about. But we have to sort it, we cannot continue playing like we do from time to time, that's not allowed, really. I'm really disappointed that we did these kind of things but it's happened. Now we have to find a way out and that's what we're constantly working on."

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