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FPL experts: What to do with Haaland for Blanks and Doubles?

8 Mar 2023
Erling Haaland

The Scout's panel discuss whether it is worth selling the Man City forward for a short period

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With Erling Haaland (£12.2m) having only two fixtures over the next three Gameweeks, while other forwards have four or five, The Scout's panel of Fantasy Premier League experts discuss their plans for the Manchester City star.

Pras (@Pras_FPL)

In the next three Gameweeks, Haaland plays Crystal Palace away, blanks, then has Liverpool at home. These are reasonable fixtures to swerve away from in return for a player who doubles in Gameweek 27, has a fixture in Gameweek 28 and doubles in Gameweek 29. Ivan Toney (£7.7m) or Even Ferguson (£4.6m) fit that bill. If you want to hold Haaland against Palace then you could switch him for Ollie Watkins (£7.3m) or Kelechi Iheanacho (£6.2m) afterwards, as they have a fixture in Gameweek 28 and a Double in 29.

Nick Harris (@WGTA_Nick)

I wouldn't sell Haaland. He could easily haul in a single Gameweek and outscore all the players with Doubles. Each transfer is expensive, unless you're using chips, and you'll just want him back straight after Blank Gameweek 28.

Gianni Buttice (@GianniButtice)

I will likely be selling Haaland knowing I will only miss one fixture over Gameweeks 28 and 29, which is Liverpool at home. This will allow me to punt on a forward who has three fixtures in that time, like Joao Felix (£7.6m) or Watkins.

Lee Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

Haaland can explode on any given day. It wasn't that long ago he was banging in that 54-minute hat-trick against Wolverhampton Wanderers in Gameweek 21. Since then, though, it's only two goals in six appearances, so if you really need the money for other things then I suppose the case could be made.

Utkarsh Dalmia (@Zophar666)

I wouldn't sell Haaland in Gameweek 27 but when we get to Gameweek 28, if you are not Free-Hitting there is a case for it. Haaland won't be captained in either Gameweek 28 or 29. If you sell, you can buy him back in place of someone like Toney in Gameweek 30 if you plan your funds accordingly.

Sam Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

I have too much money invested in Haaland to consider selling him. If I take him out I will need to find an extra £0.4m to buy him back after Double Gameweek 29. I will be holding Haaland through Blank Gameweek 28, and even with just his one fixture in Gameweek 29.

Ben Crabtree (@FC_CrabDogg)

If you need the cash to afford Double Gameweek players then Haaland is probably worth taking out. This anticipates you getting your likely four-point spend back with the players that you bring in to replace him. But I don't think it'll be required for a lot of teams to sell Haaland, given the number of affordable good options.

Jamie Piggott (@Futbolislifefpl)

The safe play is to keep Haaland but if you're looking for a way to risk it a little for a chance to climb the ranks, a short-term move away is definitely an option. However, it would be good to keep a path open to move back to Haaland, given he plays Southampton in Gameweek 30.

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