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FPL experts: Should you Triple Captain Rashford in DGW22?

1 Feb 2023
Marcus Rashford, Man Utd

Some of the world's top managers on whether they are using the chip on the in-form Man Utd star

The Scout's panel of Fantasy Premier League experts on whether they are planning to use the Triple Captain chip on the in-form Marcus Rashford (£7.2m) in Double Gameweek 22.

Sam Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

The Triple Captain is all about picking the right moment. An in-form player, in-form team and perfect fixtures, ideally in a Double Gameweek. Rashford, in outstanding form with two home fixtures, where he has scored seven of his nine goals this season, seems like that moment.

I could wait until Double Gameweek 23 for Erling Haaland (£12.2m) or even for a later Double Gameweek but I'm not sure they will be as tempting as this one. Verdict: Yes

Lateriser (@lateriser12)

I haven't made my mind up yet about this but I wouldn't put anyone off using the chip in either DGW22 on Rashford or DGW23 on Haaland.

Haaland is the best FPL asset we've seen in a long time but the form and fixtures plus additional points for a goal and clean sheet have me thinking about Rashford. I'm currently leaning towards Haaland in DGW23, but it could change. Verdict: Possibly

Lee Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

In a word, yes. Leeds United, in particular, like to press high and wide, leaving space in behind for opposition wingers and there aren't many in better form than Rashford right now.

Having used the chip a couple of weeks ago, I'm enviously looking over at those playing it in DGW22. Verdict: Yes

Nick (@WGTA_Nick)

There's a strong case for Rashford. He is in the form of his life and Manchester United do have decent fixtures in DGW22. But I am still holding out for an exciting Manchester City Double Gameweek to use it later in the season. Verdict: No

Gianni Buttice (@GianniButtice)

Using the Triple Captain chip in the next few Gameweeks allows you more flexibility using the more valuable chips around the bigger Double Gameweeks later in the season.

While I don't dislike the idea of using it on Rashford in DGW22, I would rather use it on Haaland in DGW23. I expect Haaland to start both matches after City beat Arsenal in the FA Cup without requiring a replay. Verdict: No. Using on Haaland in DGW23

Pras (@Pras_fpl)

I am likely to use the Triple Captain chip this week given Rashford and Man Utd in general have been great at home.

It is close call between Rashford in DGW22 and Haaland in DGW23 but we can only go on what we know now and a fit Rashford over those two matches is very likely to deliver 10+ points. Verdict: Yes

Jamie Pigott (@Futbolislifefpl)

While I see the appeal of Rashford, I'll be using the chip on Haaland in DGW23.

One of these days Haaland, who has registered four hat-tricks this season, is going to score four or five goals in a match and I want a piece of that. Verdict: No. Using on Haaland in DGW23

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