Shearer: Kane will break my all-time record

By Ben Pearce 6 Feb 2023
Kane, Spurs

In an exclusive interview, the Premier League's all-time top scorer discusses Spurs striker's bid for 260 goals

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For most players, joining the Premier League's 200-club with his goal against Manchester City would be the height of success, the top level as a goalscorer in the competition. But Harry Kane is aiming even higher.

While the Tottenham Hotspur striker will no doubt celebrate the milestone, he will continue to fix his gaze on the summit and pursue the ultimate prize: Alan Shearer's all-time record.

For the man who has gone beyond everyone else, hitting 260 Premier League goals, there is a growing feeling of inevitability as Kane continues to close the gap.

"I'm cool with it," says Shearer in an exclusive interview. "I know how much he wants it - he's told me - which is fine, because I was exactly the same.

"If he stays fit and stays in this country then he'll do it. It's just a matter of when. He's doing what great goalscorers do, and there aren't many better than him.

"First and foremost, he's the third player to get 200 goals. Only myself and [Wayne] Rooney have done that, so it's a small club.

"His form is as good as ever. His team's not doing as well but his stats, that doesn't seem to be affecting him at all.

"He had a huge disappointment at the World Cup but I think he's come back mentally stronger than ever, and that doesn’t surprise me. I'm a huge fan of his. He’s a fantastic player.

"I've had it [the record] for such a long time that I've always said it'll go one day. I thought Rooney might have a great chance of doing it. Obviously he slowed down and then went over to America.

"It's going to go one day, so if it goes [to Kane] then I'll be the first to shake his hand."

'Phenomenal player'

Shearer can see distinctions and connections between himself and the man who is chasing his record.

"We're slightly different players in terms of what he can do and what I could do," he says. "He [Kane] doesn't mind dropping deep and playing the No 10 role, whereas I always wanted to be as far forward as I could.

"But in terms of the attitude to scoring goals, that's similar. I can see his thirst, his desire and hunger, to just score as many goals as possible. He doesn't care how they go in.

"All great goalscorers have that belief, that sense of arrogance or confidence. He's a phenomenal player, a master of what he does, and his hunger for goals is as good as ever."

Should Kane fall short of the record, Shearer will sit comfortably for a while, but he can already see another threat on the horizon.

"It's all ifs and buts, but if [Erling] Haaland stays for 10 years, or eight years or seven years, he may do it as well," says Shearer.

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