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Create new mini-leagues to refresh FPL rivalries

12 Dec 2022
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The resumption of the season in Gameweek 17 is the perfect chance to start from scratch

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While all Fantasy Premier League managers will be entered into the new Second Chance league, FPL admins can also set up a new mini-league in which scoring starts from zero in Gameweek 17.

The thrill of competing in private mini-leagues is one of the big draws of playing Fantasy.

So whether you have already registered a team or not, have a new set of FPL-playing friends or work colleagues, or just want to start again with your existing rivals, you can all refresh the rivalry from scratch.

Here is how to do it.

Create an FPL mini-league

After you have created a new mini-league, when choosing a name for that league, use the dropdown menu to change the default position from Gameweek 1 to Gameweek 17.

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Managers can enter up to 25 private mini-leagues, giving them multiple chances to compete against their friends, colleagues and relatives for glory.

Remember there are two types of mini-league: "Classic Scoring" and "Head to Head".

Classic scoring

"Classic Scoring" ranks teams based on their overall points for the season.

As well as being based on total points, these leagues are also run over monthly periods.

That gives managers nine opportunities for success from August to May.

Head-to-Head scoring

Managers can also set up a Head-to-Head mini-league at any stage of a season.

In Head-to-Head, managers face another team in the league each Gameweek.

Whichever manager gets more points in their duel wins three points in the league table, while the loser gets none. In the event of a tie, both teams get one point.

This format, in particular, can add an extra edge to rivalries and ramp up the competition.

Head-to-heads can throw up different standings from the Classic Leagues, so managers lying low down in a Classic League can be near the top of a Head-to-Head League.

Create your 2022/23 FPL squad now

Remember, the Gameweek 17 deadline is 11:00 GMT on Monday 26 December.

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