Premier League fans of America: Adam's story

10 Jan 2022

A music industry professional from Los Angeles, California explains how he ended up supporting Wolves

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As part of the Premier League's PLFOA creator series, fans from the United States who produce content online have been asked to discuss their favourite PL clubs.

Meet Adam, a music industry professional based in Los Angeles, California who keeps finding reasons to fall deeper in love with Wolverhampton Wanderers.


“You know the LeBron, 'I’m taking my talents to South Beach' reveal? That’s basically what I did with my friends to announce Wolves as my team and officially kick off my fandom.

"One of my friends was supposed to get married the Saturday COVID lockdown began. Obviously, that got cancelled, but my friends group decided to go on Zoom and just hang out on what was supposed to be his wedding day.

"It turned into this Saturday night tradition and more often than not, the conversation would come back to the Premier League.

"At first I would just roll my eyes and be like, 'Can we talk about anything else?' But eventually, I gave in and decided I needed to pick a team. I have never gotten to pick my own team.

"I’m an obsessive Chicago Cubs fan but that was passed down from my dad, it was never my choice. It was exciting and I wanted to make sure I picked a team that represented me.


"I have always been obsessed with jerseys, so I knew I had to go after a team with a cool jersey and logo, so that knocked out like half the teams. My friends were the ones who told me to check out Wolves, and from there it just took off.

"Then on one of our Saturday Zooms, I told them all I had my team. I ripped off the sweatshirt I was wearing to reveal a Wolves kit and put on a Wolves hat. The rest is history.

Meant to be

"Since then, it seems over and over again something happens that tells me I was meant to support this team.

"I had an amazing experience at Molineux, and Wolverhampton reminded me of my hometown back in Illinois. I work in the music industry, and Wolves has a record label.

"When I was over there, I met the guy who brokered the deal between Warner Music Group, who I work for, and Wolves’ record label. Turns out, we have a million mutual friends.

"I used to work for the band Linkin Park, and their longtime videographer told me he’s a Wolves fan because his aunt is best friends with the old owner, Jack Hayward. All these connection points just further cemented my passion for this club.

"What’s crazy is now I’m obsessed with Wolves to the level of the Cubs, which is massive. I can’t wait to go back to Wolverhampton and discover even more reasons to love this club."

See: Adam’s Spotify playlist

"My Wolves playlist starts out with two songs you’ll hear when you visit Molineux, 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' and 'All Of The Lights'. 'All Of The Lights' is played during the pre-match light show, and 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' is played right before kickoff, with the lyrics changed to “Hi Ho Wolverhampton!' Belting that out before the game with all of the fans was a highlight of my trip to Wolverhampton!

"Most of the songs in the playlist don't have any direct tie-in to Wolves, but I used the theme of Wolves, the color gold, being an American fan, the club’s Portuguese connection, and also a little nod to our manager Bruno Lage.

"I also wanted to include some artists I’ve been fortunate enough to work with during my career, including Twenty One Pilots, Biffy Clyro, My Chemical Romance, PVRIS and Oasis, as well as a shoutout to the legendary Robert Plant who is a massive Wolves supporter and also a Vice President of the club.

"Lastly, I included the song 'Paint Me In Gold' by an artist called JERUB. I discovered JERUB at the Wolves Records event I attended at Molineux in February and his performance really blew me away."

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