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1 Jul 2023
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Would you like exclusive Fantasy tips from The Scout straight to your inbox and to be able to track the performance of your FPL team with exclusive insight?

Sign up for FPL notifications and we will send you regular analysis on how your Fantasy team is doing and advice you cannot find on the app or web.

Before each Gameweek deadline you will get an email with exclusive advice from The Scout, as well as the best tips on how to manage your team.

After each Gameweek, our weekly review will remind you of how your team did as well as its overall performance compared with the millions of other managers.

We will also email you with how your team has done over the past month, with more exclusive advice from The Scout to those managers looking to turn around disappointing performances.

App notifications

As well as our emails with tips, don't forget that FPL app notifications can alert you to our best new content when it is published as well as provide a weekly reminder of your Gameweek scores.

If you have played a chip and want to know how successful you were with it, we will tell you how your points compared with all the other managers who used the same chip that week.

Broadcast emails

By signing up for general notifications you will know where you can watch all the Premier League action.

As well as telling you which channels or platforms are carrying the next set of matches, you can also enjoy the best tactical analysis of the key fixtures and where the points could be won and lost.

We will also tell you about our latest campaigns that you will see around our matchdays.

How to get email notifications

If you are not signed into the Premier League, you must first do so or set up an account if you don't have one.

Once you have signed in or registered, go to your "Account Preferences" section in your profile.

Then, go to the section labelled "Premier League Email Communications", and tick the box(es) of the communications you wish to receive. "General communication" is the box for broadcast and Matchweek previews emails, awards and important updates from the Premier League. "Fantasy" enables you to receive FPL communications, including weekly tips and performance reviews.

Just ensure when we email you that we are not going to your spam folder by adding us to your trusted senders.

How to get app notifications

Go to the "More" section of the official Premier League iOS or Android apps. Select "Notifications" under "Settings".

Switch on the "Fantasy Premier League" notifications button to receive the latest FPL news, plus deadline reminders. Turn on the "General Premier League" notifications to get the best content previewing the forthcoming fixtures and breaking news.

Get notified of match updates, including line-ups, goal alerts, plus receive content related to your favourite teams by switching on the button shown alongside clubs.

Still not receiving notifications? You may need to allow notifications by the Premier League app in your device's notification settings.

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