Black History Month

Roberts: The right people helped me deal with racial abuse

31 Oct 2021
Premier League - Leeds United v Everton

Leeds defender speaks to schoolchildren on how best to deal with discrimination

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As part of Black History Month, Tyler Roberts answered questions from schoolchildren about experiencing racism and how best to respond to it.

Pupils from Alder Tree Primary School, in Leeds, shared who their black heroes were with the Leeds United forward and what made those people an inspiration.

Roberts also offered advice to those who have encountered abuse, while describing his own experiences of racism.

"I felt pretty singled out, like I was the only person,” he said. “Obviously, getting the abuse was not a nice feeling. I felt alone.

"But I had a lot of good team-mates, a lot of friends around me, so they backed me up and the coach was the one who seriously dealt with it.

"That was the main thing, that I had the people around me that helped me through it."

Roberts was talking as part of a range of club events and activities to help raise awareness and educate on black history and racial equality.

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