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Premier League COVID-19 protocols for fans: FAQs

26 Sep 2021
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All you need to know if you are planning to attend Premier League matches

Are capacity crowds permitted at Premier League matches this season? 
Yes, all clubs have started the season with capacity crowds. The safety of everyone is our priority and the Premier League has created matchday protocols to help keep everyone safe. Supporters are asked to comply with a Code of Conduct and follow in-stadium guidance. 

It is vital everyone works together to make matchdays safe by helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.   

I am concerned about attending matches. Is it safe?
The Premier League has created matchday protocols in order to help keep people safe.

This includes adopting COVID-status certification and requiring fans to comply with a Code of Conduct.

Supporters should ensure they fully understand these guidelines before attending a match and all fans should continue to follow the latest public health guidance.

Fans should not attend Premier League matches if there is any risk they can pass on COVID-19.

COVID-status spot-checks are being carried out at Premier League stadiums, so match-going fans must be prepared to show they have been fully vaccinated or have received a negative test result in the previous 48 hours.

Each fan will be able to do this by obtaining their NHS COVID-19 pass through the NHS app or website.

The Premier League and its clubs will continue to follow the latest Government guidance regarding COVID-19 safety protocols.

What are the entrance requirements? 
Ticket holders must agree to follow the conditions set by: 

- Ticketing terms and conditions 
- Supporter Code of Conduct 
- Ground Regulations   

The Supporter Code of Conduct sets out COVID-19 regulations and behaviours that supporters must follow to help keep everybody safe on matchday.  

See: Clubs' Codes of Conducts for fans

You will be asked to read and accept the conditions at the point of purchase. If you are booking on behalf of others, you must also ensure they are aware of the regulations and are able to comply with the terms.      

Are there any other conditions of entry? 
Other conditions, for example a requirement for Photo ID, are at the discretion of the host club, but will be outlined in the Code of Conduct or terms and conditions. 

You must stay at home if you have COVID-19, or your symptoms or circumstances mean there is a chance you might spread the virus. You can read the latest Stay at Home guidance.

EVE fan showing pass to steward
Fans must expect to show COVID-status certification before attending a match
COVID-status certification

Do I need COVID-status certification to attend a match?
You should come to every match with COVID-status certification and you can expect that you may be checked for this on entering any Premier League club’s grounds.

The simplest way of obtaining certification is with the NHS COVID Pass through the NHS app or website. The COVID Pass can be generated on the app if you have been fully vaccinated over two weeks earlier or following a negative lateral flow test in the previous 48 hours.

What counts as COVID-status certification?
For most people, COVID-status certification will mean providing proof of vaccination details or test results via the NHS COVID Pass. Details are available here.

For information on alternative forms of evidence, fans should contact clubs directly.

What will change if the Government implements its ‘Plan B’ measures this Autumn or Winter? 
In its Winter Plan, the Government has indicated that it may implement additional measures to curb the transmission of COVID 19. One of those measures may be the introduction of vaccine-only COVID certification. In that case, we expect that supporters attending Premier League matches may only be able to demonstrate adequate COVID status if they are fully vaccinated.

I cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. Will I still be allowed entry?
You should check with your club for further information on the requirements for any particular match, as these will vary between clubs and could change over time.

The Premier League and clubs want to ensure all supporters can safely attend matches.

Fans who are unable to get vaccinated are advised to take a lateral flow test within 48 hours of kick-off to confirm their COVID-status.

Can I show evidence that I have been vaccinated abroad?
EU Digital COVID Certificates and US State certificates showing a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccination should count as sufficient COVID-status certification. In other cases we recommend that you obtain an NHS Pass after recording a negative lateral flow test result in the previous 48 hours.

I am an international visitor and cannot access the NHS app. How do I demonstrate a negative lateral flow test?
There are a number of different ways of demonstrating negative lateral flow tests. Test centres can provide documentation for those not using the NHS app. 

You should check in advance that the test centre you are using can do this for those outside of the NHS.

I don’t own a smart phone. How do I prove my COVID-19 status?
You can receive a paper copy of your COVID-19 status. More details are available here. 

Please carry this with you so you can show your COVID-19 status when attending a match.   

I don’t have the NHS App, how do I get it?
The latest guidance on the NHS app is available here.

Do I need to take a PCR test?
No, a PCR test is not necessary to attend matches, but fans are urged not to attend if they are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms.  

If you do not have proof of vaccination you should be able to show you have had a negative lateral flow test result in the 48 hours prior to kick-off.  

Where do I get a lateral flow test from?  
Lateral flow tests are available for free from your local test centre or pharmacy. You can also order tests via the NHS website.   

What about people aged 18 and under?
Under 18s should have an up-to-date lateral flow test before attending a match.  

Match tickets

How can I purchase a ticket? 
Tickets for home supporters are available from the host club. Please contact the relevant club for further information, or to make a purchase.

Are away supporters allowed at matches? 
Yes, away supporters are permitted to attend matches, provided they have obtained a ticket for the correct area of the stadium.  

Visiting clubs will sell tickets to their own supporters, so please contact your own club for information, or to make a purchase.

Entrance requirements will be set by the host club and may differ from some of the processes you are used to following.

Please ensure you are aware of these before attending matches. Information will be available from either the host or the visiting club.      

When will I receive my ticket? 
This will be outlined at the point of purchase and will depend on the options offered by the club and chosen by the purchaser.   

To help keep stadiums COVID-19 secure, clubs are encouraged to operate a digital-first policy. This assists with:     

- Reducing any contact risk connected to printing or handling paper tickets  
- Supporting data capture for essential information (eg. contact details) 
- Matchday with queries relating to lost or stolen tickets 
- Reducing ticket touting, limiting stadium access to people who have not completed the relevant point of sale checks  

Other ticket formats, including paper tickets or access cards, may be produced and issued at the discretion of the host club.   

Please contact your club if you require further information on options, including how to share tickets safely with any other supporters in your group booking.    

Where possible, we encourage supporters to use mobile or other digital ticketing options.   

Fans outside London Stadium
Supporters are encouraged to arrive earlier than in pre-COVID times to avoid long queues in the lead-up to kick-off

What time should I arrive at the stadium? 
A suggested arrival time will be printed on your ticket or contained in your booking confirmation.   

Supporters are encouraged to arrive earlier than in pre-COVID times to avoid long queues in the lead-up to kick-off. Fans should always arrive at least 30 minutes prior to kick-off and should make allowances for time required to complete any additional security or COVID-status checks.  

Can I bring a bag to the stadium?
Please check this in advance with the relevant club, as there may be size or other restrictions on permitted items.    

Where possible, please try to avoid bringing bags or other items which may add to the time taken to check your items before you can pass safely into the stadium.       

Will there be security checks? 
Yes, clubs will determine a process for checking supporters before they enter the stadium.   

Searches will be conducted by trained stewards. Clubs may elect to use walk-through arches or handheld screening devices to limit physical contact.     

Please check in advance to ensure you are aware of any entrance regulations, relating either to permitted items or ticket and personal ID requirements.       

Inside the stadium     

Do I need to wear a face covering? 
In line with Government guidance, all supporters aged 11 and over are encouraged to wear a face covering when located in indoor areas, other than when eating or drinking, or where exempt.   

Face coverings are not required to be worn by supporters when they are in their allocated seats in the stadium bowl, which is left to personal choice.   

What other rules or guidance are supporters expected to follow? 
Supporters are asked to: 

- Follow the Supporter Code of Conduct 
- Remember your face covering
- Wash your hands or use sanitiser regularly 
- Be considerate of others and help to keep everyone safe 
- Avoid hugs, high-fives and any close contact with other supporters where possible  
- Only occupy your designated seat 
- Follow one-way systems throughout the stadium and adhere to any other signage 
- Follow any instructions issued to you by stewards or other stadium staff 
- Avoid gathering in large groups before or after matches, especially in the immediate vicinity of stadium gates and entrances, or in other busy areas 

Are catering services available inside stadiums? 
Yes, catering services are available, although supporters may notice some changes to the location or queuing and service systems used at these outlets.     

Please be considerate to others, including staff members, and follow any instructions.   

In line with existing Government legislation, alcoholic beverages must not be taken into the seating bowl and may not be consumed within sight of the pitch.   

Is there anything supporters should be aware of during the match?  
In line with Government guidance, supporters should be aware that COVID-19 spreads from person to person through small droplets, aerosols and through direct contact. 

Singing and shouting and physical activity increases the risk of transmission through small droplets and aerosols.     

Some supporters may choose to wear a face covering when in their allocated seat.

All supporters are asked to be considerate of others, and especially those who are taking extra precautions to help keep themselves and others safe.

Supporters are asked not to move around the seating bowl without good reason, and especially not to head towards the front of the stand during the period when players are warming up, when a goal is scored, or during other critical moments in the match.    

Where possible, please avoid face-to-face contact with other supporters, and try to plan your exit to coincide with periods when gangways and concourses are relatively clear and not congested.

Fans should continue to follow the latest public health guidance.

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