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FPL basics: How to make transfers

By The Scout 29 Jun 2023
Alexis Mac Allister, Liverpool

The Scout outlines the process of buying and selling players in Fantasy Premier League

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After selecting your Fantasy Premier League squad you can buy and sell players in the transfer market. Unlimited transfers can be made at no cost until the first deadline.

Once the first deadline of the season has passed, managers are given one free transfer for each Gameweek.

This enables them to sign a player in exchange for a member of their 15-man squad, as long as the switch is within their budget.

If managers want to make additional transfers in a Gameweek, they will lose four points for each one.

Carrying over transfers

If managers do not use their free transfer, they can carry it over and have two free transfers for the following Gameweek.

However, they are unable to build up more than two free transfers at any one time.

Player prices change during the season based on the popularity of the player in the transfer market. Players heavily bought by managers will rise in price, while those sold in their droves will become cheaper.

Player prices do not change until the season starts.

Player profits

The price shown on your transfers page is a player's selling price. 

This selling price may be less than the player's current purchase price as a sell-on fee of 50 per cent (rounded up to the nearest £0.1m) will be applied on any profits made on that player.

For example, if you buy a player when he costs £5.0m and sell him when his price is £5.4m, your selling price will be £5.2m.

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