Reporting abuse and discrimination

27 Nov 2023
Brighton & Hove Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League

Discrimination in any form will not be tolerated by the Premier League and our clubs and we encourage supporters to continue to play their part in this by reporting it.

Report it to the Premier League

If you see online abuse directed at players, managers, coaches, match officials and their families, you can report it to the Premier League using the form below.

Each case will be investigated by the League’s specialist team.

Please provide your first name
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Please select a country of residence
Please provide the offender identity, social handle or name.
Please select the platform where the incident took place
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We are sorry that you have had the need to use this form, but thank you for your report. We can confirm that we have received your report and we are now reviewing the contents.

Unfortunately, there was an error submitting the form. Please try again or email directly.

How to report abuse on social media

If you see a post on social media you believe is discriminatory, you can report it to the site or platform where it was posted. They have people who will review your report and decide on taking it down.

Click on the relevant links below for how to report for each platform.

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram 

YouTube | TikTok | Snapchat

Below are simple guides as to how to report an abusive post on Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter) and TikTok.

PL - REPORT (Insta) 16x9
PL - REPORT (Facebook) 16x9
PL - REPORT (x) 16x9 (1)
PL - REPORT (Tik Tok) 16x9
Reporting via Kick It Out

You can also report discrimination through Kick It Out's website reporting form or its reporting app (download the iOS app or Android app). 

Reporting at a match

If you witness homophobic or other discriminatory behaviour at a match or around a stadium, please report it to the nearest steward or police officer.

Confidential text service

Some Premier League clubs also offer fans at their stadium a confidential text service during the match.

Check the club-by-club details below. Fans should always include in their text their seat location and as much detail of the incident as possible, including its location, to guide the appropriate response. 

AFC Bournemouth Text 07968 980580, providing as much information as to location and description as possible.

Arsenal Text "RACE" plus details to 67777. More information

Aston Villa Text "REPORT" to 60060 with location of incident and details.

Brentford Text "BFC" plus your message (including your seat location) to 62277.

Brighton Text details to 07880 196442.

Burnley Text "CLARETS RESPECT" to 66777, followed by details .

Chelsea Text details to 07894 937793. (After the match, you can call 0207 3863355 or email

Crystal Palace Text "RACISM" plus details to 07507 477669. More information

Everton Text "HELP" and your message to 60030 or email:

Fulham Text "FULHAM" plus details to 60066. More information

Liverpool Text "LFC" plus details to 64446.

Luton Town Email with details. 

Man City Text 07700151894 with location and details.

Man Utd Text "HELP" plus details to 84222. More information

Newcastle United Text "HELP" plus details to 60070. 

Nottingham Forest Text "FOREST" with details of the incident and its location to 60066. 

Sheff Utd Email with details. 

Tottenham Hotspur Text "RACISM" plus details to 07537 404821. More information

West Ham Text details to 07860 404069. More information

Wolves Text "CROWD" plus details to 60060 or email

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