Helping children to shine

24 Jul 2020
Norwich PLPS

Norwich's Tom Trybull says combining football and education can have a huge impact on children and their future.

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Launched in 2016, Premier League Primary Stars aims to engage and inspire primary schoolchildren aged five to 11 across Maths, English, PE and PSHE, with a focus on boosting their personal skills and wellbeing.

Four years on, 110 professional football clubs now deliver the programme in local schools, while more than 46,000 teachers are registered to the free online resource library.

Norwich City's Tom Trybull saw first-hand the positive impact combining football and learning has on pupils when he visited White Woman Lane Junior School, supported by the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation, who were creating their poem entries on ambition for this year's Premier League Writing Stars competition.

He said: "This competition will help the kids and remind them that they should believe in their dreams."

During the pandemic, the PLPS teacher-facing resources were repurposed to provide free home-learning activities for families, to help educate and entertain children who were unable to attend school.

Did you know?

17,900 Primary schools across England and Wales have engaged in Premier League Primary Stars.

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