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FPL Podcast Ep 34: Lessons learned from the restart

23 Jun 2020
Official FPL Podcast, James Richardson

James Richardson, Sam Parkin, Jack Lang and FPL expert Sam Bonfield discuss their Fantasy plans ahead of the GW31+ deadline

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The Official Fantasy Premier League Podcast is back as James Richardson and guests look ahead to Gameweek 31+. 

James is joined by journalist and former footballer Sam Parkin, The Athletic's Jack Lang and Sam Bonfield from FPL Family to discuss the state of play after the first weekend of the restart.

They look at the potential for points at Manchester City and the form of Sheffield United and Arsenal as they assess options ahead of the Gameweek 31+ deadline on Tuesday 23 June at 17:00 BST.

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The Official FPL Podcast crew have their own mini-league, where you can track their ups and downs.

Jack Lang still leads the pack, with his Minority Laporte team impressively lying in 1,325th place overall.

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And you can also pit your Fantasy wits against the FPL Podcast team by joining the Official Fantasy Premier League Podcast mini-league.

Predrag Djuric's Wincha utd has the lead at the top of the table and is 28th overall in the world.

Join: Official FPL Podcast mini-league (insert code 6qp8qk).

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