Friday Family Challenge: Hit the target to learn about data

24 Apr 2020

Mathematician and TV presenter Rachel Riley has the latest challenge to keep your family active and learning

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Each week Premier League Primary Stars helps families keep their children educated and entertained with the Friday Family Challenge.

This week, TV presenter and mathematician Rachel Riley is setting you and your household a maths-training activity.

The challenge involves regular household objects, so, grab a washing basket, a bucket or a box, some rolled-up pairs of socks, a pen and paper.

On the mark

Then, decide on a throw line and place the box or basket a set distance away. Grab the socks, stand behind the line and see how many you can throw into the target in 30 seconds.

Make a note of how many socks have hit the target in that time for each member of the household.

Then, using that data, draw a bar chart showing who hit the target the most.

You can head to for information on bar charts and to download the Bar Chart Challenge worksheet.

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If you don't have these items at home, you can change the activity so you use items you do have.

Share your family's target throwing results with us by taking a photo of you and your bar chart and posting it via @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars, or drop us an email at

Have a look at the great things other families have been up to as part of our Premier League Primary Stars community.

For more exciting home learning activities for the family to try, check out the Primary Stars website.

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