Alicia finding leadership skills with Primary Stars

15 Mar 2020
Sheffield United, PL Primary Stars, Alicia

Find out how Sheffield United have used the Premier League's schools programme to help one girl engage in class

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The Premier League Primary Stars programme works in thousands of schools across England and Wales to inspire children in their learning in sport, maths and English.

It also helps to engage youngsters who may not find school life straightforward.

One of those youngsters is Alicia from Manor Lodge Primary in Sheffield.

Alicia struggled with behaviour and often missed lessons but was encouraged to join in at school with the help of Primary Stars and the Sheffield United Community Foundation.

Watch Alicia's story

"She didn't enjoy being in the classroom setting," said Foundation coach Emma Preston. "It was a struggle to get her in."

Alicia started working with Emma and the Foundation in specialist sessions during break time, which gave her opportunities to play in a structured environment.

This has allowed her to develop her leadership skills, and she now assists Emma in the sessions. 

"Alicia's behaviour throughout the school has improved," says Year 5 teacher Tom Fletcher. "She's in lessons all the time now.

"She's engaging and learning more and her self-esteem has improved massively. She seems happier in herself."

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