Josh building on positive PL Enterprise influence

7 Sep 2019

Find out how the Premier League programme and Saints Foundation helped one teenager change his attitude and his job prospects

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Josh's school days were not the happiest of times.

The pupil from Southampton struggled to get on with his teachers and found the demands of schoolwork trying.

But six years ago was encouraged to take part in the Premier League Enterprise programme, in association with the Saints Foundation, the charitable arm of Southampton Football Club. 

It proved a turning point in his life.

"I just never felt like school was for me," he says. "I used to ignore what teachers were telling me to do and I was always getting in trouble. I always wanted to be hands on, I could never be sat at a desk."

The PL Enterprise scheme, in partnership with Sport Relief, uses the case study of a football club to teach young people key employability and business skills over a 12-week programme.

"It gave Josh the opportunity to see what he could do," says Charmaine Moth, behaviour manager at Chamberlayne College for the Arts.

"He just wanted to show everybody else that there was a different Josh in there and that he was able to do and achieve. This started building aspirations in him and it was amazing to watch him grow."

Stark transformation

Josh's transformation was extraordinary, with the engagement and support from Foundation staff helping him improve his attitude across wider school life.

"The pupils can take away quite a lot from the programme, such as teamwork, communication, building on confidence," says James Chillery, Saints Foundation project operations manager.

"But a key element of the programme is getting an insight in to real-life jobs and having that real-life experience."

Josh is now in his second year of his plumbing apprenticeship and credits the Enterprise programme for giving him a direction.

"It has made me think differently towards everything I do," he adds. "I realised that if you just get on, you will end up building as a person and get somewhere where you want to be in life."

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