Premier League value of central payments to clubs 2018/19

23 May 2019
Manchester City's PL Trophy celebrations

PL announces broadcast and commercial revenues of 20 top-flight clubs for the 2018/19 season

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The Premier League has announced the value of payments of broadcast and central commercial revenues to Clubs for the 2018/19 season.

Premier League 2018/19 payments to clubs

Download: 2018/19 Payments to Clubs (PDF 69k)

The collective and central way the Premier League markets rights and distributes revenues to Clubs supports them in their efforts to develop and acquire talented players as well as build and improve stadiums.

In its payments to Clubs the Premier League is the most equitable of Europe's major leagues and makes a huge contribution to the entire football pyramid and a range of community programmes and good causes.

A recent study by EY found that the Premier League contributed more than £3.3billion in tax to the UK economy in the 2016/17 season alone, with its Clubs supporting almost 100,000 jobs.

EY’s Economic and Social Impact Assessment also found the League contributed £7.6billion to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product.

Unprecedented investment

The scale of Premier League support and investment in the wider game, and in communities and schools, is unprecedented in the world of professional sport.

The League and its Clubs fund community facilities across England and Wales, and operate national and local sports participation projects.

One of our flagship programmes, Premier League Kicks, is being delivered by 69 clubs across the country, engaging tens of thousands of youngsters aged 8-19, and will form part of the League’s work with the Government to support young people in serious violence hot spots.

Distribution shared

The League's central revenues are distributed to clubs in the following manner:

UK broadcast revenues
50 per cent equally shared;
25 per cent shared based on how often a club’s matches are broadcast in the UK (known as "Facility Fees");
25 per cent shared based on where a club finish in the league table (known as "Merit Payments")
Central Commercial revenues: Equally shared by clubs
International broadcasting revenues: Equally shared by clubs

The League also supports the EFL with more than £140million per season of Solidarity Payments and ringfenced Youth Development grants.

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