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All you need to know about Free Hit for Gameweek 32

The Scout 24 Mar 2019
Leicester City 2-0 AFC Bournemouth

With managers considering the chip for the Double Gameweek, The Scout answers the key questions

Managers in Fantasy Premier League with the Free Hit chip still to play can use it to take advantage of Double Gameweek 32.

There are 10 teams set to play twice in Gameweek 32, including six of the top eight in the Premier League.

Here we explain how the Free Hit chip can help guide success.

What is the Free Hit chip?
The chip lets FPL managers make unlimited transfers that are applied to one Gameweek only. At the next deadline, the original squad is returned.

Why should I play it ahead of GW32?
With 10 teams playing two matches, the chip can give a manager the chance to have a full starting XI filled with Double Gameweek players.

Those activating the chip should also consider a suitable first substitute, while opting for cheaper, perhaps even inactive, reserves.

Can I use it another time?
Gameweek 33 is a possibility because it is reduced as it coincides with the FA Cup semi-finals. Only six matches will take place that weekend.

Gameweek 35 is perhaps more appealing because eight teams will play twice.

However, it could be more profitable to use the Bench Boost or the Triple Captain chip in Double Gameweeks, and only one chip can be used at one time.

How do I activate the Free Hit chip?
The Free Hit chip is activated when confirming a Gameweek transfer.

Can I change my mind once I activate?
No. Once the Free Hit chip is active, the chip must be played in that Gameweek.

What about transfers made before activating the chip?
Any transfers made in the Gameweek before activating the Free Hit chip will be incorporated in your new squad.

Any transfer costs or "hits" spent before activating the chip will then be restored.

However, it also means that any players sold will return to your squad in the next Gameweek.

I have two free transfers. Will these carry over if I activate the Free Hit?
No. As with the Wildcard, any saved free transfers will be lost. You will be back to the usual one free transfer for the next Gameweek.

What happens after I've played the chip?
Once the Gameweek deadline passes, the players brought in with the Free Hit depart and the original players return to the squad.

For example, Jamie Vardy (£9.1m) is transferred out ahead of Gameweek 32 and swapped for Marcus Rashford (£7.6m) with the Free Hit chip activated.

At 11:31 GMT on Saturday, 30 March, Vardy returns to your squad for Gameweek 33 and Rashford departs.

How will it affect my player prices?
After playing your Free Hit chip, the bank balance and squad is restored to their state before the previous deadline.

Any player price changes taking place over the previous Gameweek are reflected.

Using the example above, let's say Vardy rises in price to £9.3m while he is away from your squad, and Rashford also increases to £7.8m.

Once the squad reverts back ahead of Gameweek 33, Vardy will return at his new price of £9.3m, adding to the squad value. But any profit made on Rashford will be lost.

Similarly, if any player transferred out with the Free Hit goes down in price, this will be reflected in their value and the total squad value on their return.

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