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FPL Experts: When to use your FPL chips

By The Scout 22 Mar 2019
Pep Guardiola and Raheem Sterling, Manchester City

The panel of experts share their strategies for using their Fantasy chips for the run-in

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Managers in Fantasy Premier League can now start planning for the rest of the season after three Double Gameweeks were confirmed this week.

There is also a reduced Gameweek 33 to consider, with just six fixtures taking place.

Preparing for the final two months of the 2018/19 campaign, and pinpointing the best time to play FPL chips, can make all the difference to a successful season.

The FPL panel of experts reveal how they plan to use their chips over the final few Gameweeks.

FPL experts' plan for chips
33   FH     FH  
38           TC
What the experts say
Lee Bonfield (@FPL Family)

After a huge Triple Captain chip fail on Mohamed Salah (£13.3m) in GW31, I need to make up some ground. The Free Hit chip in GW32 should allow me to make the most of the excellent schedule afforded to Manchester City, in particular. My Wildcard in GW34 will have a nod to their second double in GW35 and the final weeks of 2018/19.

It's been a roller-coaster season, with budget options like Raul Jimenez (£6.8m) and Aaron Wan-Bissaka (£4.5m) giving managers the opportunity to bring in any number of big-hitters. As a result, we’ve had an unpredictable and topsy-turvy FPL season - and looking ahead to next month's schedule, it feels like we've only just begun!

Sam Bonfield (@FPL Family)

Raheem Sterling (£11.6m) or Sergio Aguero (£11.8m) have Triple Captain written all over them for GW32, with the perfect mix of form and fixtures. GW33's reduced schedule looks ideal for a Free Hit to enable three players from clubs like Liverpool. I'd then use a GW34 Wildcard to set up for a Bench Boost in GW35. 

Holly Shand (@FFCommunity)

With all chips intact, strategy for the rest of the season should revolve around the blanks and doubles. Team value, set-up and the preference of using a Triple Captain chip in a Double Gameweek can all come into play here. Personally, I believe the Triple Captain to be least valuable and not necessary to be used in a Double.

For those who went heavy in GW31, I'd recommend Free Hit in GW32, Wildcard in GW34, Bench Boost in GW35 and then use Triple Captain in another week.

I can see the appeal of Wildcard in GW32, Free Hit in GW33, Triple Captain in GW34 and Bench Boost in GW35.

However, Brighton & Hove Albion assets aren't that appealing to me for their pair of GW34 matches. With the market likely to be busy, Wildcard in GW32, Free Hit in GW33 and Bench Boost in GW35 could allow managers to get better value for money long-term and exploit price rises.

Paul Gee (@FPLPaulGee)

My strategy will focus around my Free Hit, Wildcard and Triple Captain chips. Hopefully, I will gain some much-needed ground after a poor season.

Who Got The Assist? (@WGTA_FPL)

Those with a full complement of chips should consider the Triple Captain chip on a Man City option in Double Gameweek 32, then maybe Free Hit in GW33, Wildcard in GW34 and then use the Bench Boost in GW35. You could also the Free Hit in GW32, but you might struggle to field a good team in the reduced GW33 unless you have planned for this.

Simon March (@MarchSimon)

Optimum chip strategy depends on so many factors but I'm currently favouring Free Hit in GW32, followed by a GW34 Wildcard and the Bench Boost in GW35 to take full advantage of the Double Gameweeks. If possible, I'd like to keep the Triple Captain chip for one last roll of the dice in GW38 which is, traditionally, a bit of a goal-fest.

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