Premier League Players Kit scheme


Partnership with Nike aims to get young people active by supplying schools and clubs with free kits

The Premier League has been running a kit scheme since 2011, aiming to encourage young people to get active by providing schools with full playing kits from our partners at Nike.

"For some of our pupils, who receive very little funding and support at home and come from broken backgrounds this is such a positive inspiration for them"

Andrew Grainger, Head of PE, Manor High School

The scheme has been funded by donations from players at each of the Premier League Clubs, with kits provided to schools and youth organisations who take part in the open application process as well as schools chosen by the players themselves.

Stoke City’s Jack Butland went back to his old Primary School to donate a kit. He commented: "The Premier League Players' Kit Scheme is a brilliant opportunity for us to give back to the local community by handing over some kits which can hopefully help get kids active."

This was one of 5,226 kits that have been distributed since the scheme was formed.

How do I apply for the Premier League's Kit Scheme?

Schools interested in applying for the Kit Scheme should register at

Youl will then be contacted later with details of how to apply for the scheme.

This scheme forms part of our schools offer, the Premier League Primary Stars programme.