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Chelsea Football Club Limited

Stamford Bridge

Fulham Road



Main Switchboard: 0371 811 1955

Fax: 020 7318 4831

Call Centre / Ticket Sales: 0371 811 1905


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Bruce Buck 

Member of Board of Directors in Charge of Football

Marina Granovskaia 

Chief Executive Officer

Guy Laurence

Director of Football Operations

David Barnard

Head Coach

Frank Lampard

Head of Youth Development

Neil Bath 

Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Steve Atkins 

Director of Finance

Paul Ramos 

First Team Doctor

Dr Dimitris Kalogiannidis 

Head Physiopherapist

Jason Palmer 

Head Groundsman

Jason Griffin 

Safety Officer

Chris Baker (acting) 

Head of Ticketing and Supporter Liaison Officer

Graham Smith 

Disability Access Officer

Bob Flatau 

Head of Ticket Operations

Kelly Webster 

Facilities Manager

Jamie Gray 

Publications Editor

Richard Godden


Bruce Buck 

Marina Granovskaia 

Eugene Tenenbaum 

David Barnard 

Guy Laurence