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The Premier League website employs cookies to improve your user experience. We have updated our cookie policy to reflect changes in the law on cookies and tracking technologies used on websites. If you continue on this website, you will be providing your consent to our use of cookies. Find out more.

Cookie Policy

How we use cookies to improve your browsing experience

Accepting cookies is a condition of using the Premier League website.

Cookies are small files placed on your computer when you view a website to store useful information, such as your login details, and can contribute to ease of use when navigating a website. Our cookies cannot identify you personally.

Cookies on our website are used for a variety of different purposes, but generally speaking their use breaks down into the following categories:

-    Functionally necessary – you won’t be able to experience all elements of the site without them.
-    Performance improvement – these give us information on how to improve our website.
-    Functionally optional – these support elements that are not essential to the functionality of the site.
-    Content targeting – these are used to personalise the content and/or advertising served to you based on your behaviour.

The Premier League website and its affiliates, such as sponsors and partners, use cookies for all of the purposes above. Please read further for more details.

Functionally necessary

There are four functionally necessary cookies being used on

1)    Session cookies:

These cookies (names "JSESSIONID") are used only while you use our website for one session and are expired (deleted) at the end of the session when you close your browser. They enable the continuity of your browsing session from one page request to the next and store a uniquely generated number that does not identify you personally in any way. If you log into our website, these cookies keep you logged in so that you don’t need to enter your username and password repeatedly as you navigate through your profile pages, or if you participate in the Barclays Fanzone voting.

2)    Single sign-on cookie:

This cookie (named “pluser”) means you only need to log into the site once while moving between the fantasy football section (Fantasy Premier League) and the rest of the site. It contains some personal details such as your first and last name and your subscription preferences; this is so that we can synchronise these details between the Fantasy Football section and the main site. This cookie expires (is deleted) at the end of your browsing session as you close your browser.

3)    Mobile device cookie

If we detect that you are browsing the site using a mobile device, this cookie (named "TBC") is used so that we can present you with the best version of the site for use on mobile devices.

None of these cookies are used to record your behaviour on the site or for marketing purposes.

Functionally necessary cookies are listed below:

Service Cookie Name Expiry Purpose
Premier League Web Applications JSESSIONID Session Maintaining server session between requests
Premier League Web Applications pluser Session Single sign-on between main site and Fantasy Football and account data synchronisation


Performance improvement

We also use cookies to anonymously track and gather statistics on what pages are popular on the site, how quickly they perform and whether there were any errors. We also collect statistics on what browsers were used to access the content and what countries the requests are coming from.

Being able to identify popular content and any potential problems shows us how we should be improving the performance of the website so everyone has a better experience.

This statistics data cannot be used to identify you individually; it is summary in nature rather than specific.

None of these cookies are used to directly target content at you personally; the data may be used by marketing to understand where to place content relevant to audience segments and to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

We may also use this data to test new content by showing some content only to specific audience segments and then measuring its effectiveness.

We may share the gathered statistics with our affiliates, such as clubs, partners and broadcasters, to inform their activities.

Performance improvement cookies are listed below:

Service Cookie Name Expiry Purpose
Yahoo Analytics ywa* 1095 days Return visits statistics


Functionally optional

Functionally optional cookies support non-essential functionality on the website.

They are used to determine if you have submitted a prediction, responded to a poll question or rated a player in the Barclays Fanzone for a particular fixture.

We also use the Akamai content delivery network’s (see table below) ability to identify which country and region our visitors come from in order to target them with the appropriate broadcast schedules for their region.

These cookies do not store any information that can be used to identify you personally outside of the boundaries of our system.

The information stored in these cookies is not used by marketing or for advertising content targeting purposes.

Functionally optional cookies are listed below:

Service Cookie Name Expiry Purpose
Yahoo Analytics ywa* 1095 days Return visits statistics
Premier League Website AkamaiVal Session Show correct broadcast schedules and other location targeted content
Premier League Website plfan 14 days Recording FanZone predictions
Premier League Website plfc Session Hides closed fixture change notifications
Premier League Website plhpt Variable, although not longer than a month Hides closed homepage takeovers


Content targeting

While the Premier League website does not directly use cookies to target content or advertising, some of the third party features presented through the site, such as banner advertising providers and  social network sharing features (e.g. the Facebook ‘Like’ function and Twitter ‘Follow’ feature) may store cookies that could be used to target content and/or advertising to you on other websites.

You can turn these cookies off but we may then not be able to present you with the social sharing features.

Content targeting cookies are listed below:

Service Cookie Name Expiry Purpose
Yahoo Analytics fpc* 365 days Cross-site tracking
ShareThis Social Bookmarking __unam 365 days Cross-site tracking
QuantCast (ShareThis affiliate) __qca 365 days Cross-site tracking


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