Wednesday 26 June 2013

Barclays Asia Trophy: Test your knowledge of Hong Kong

Try to see how much an expert you are on the host of the 2013 Barclays Asia Trophy

  • Movie star Jackie Chan began his career in Hong Kong cinema, but was he born there?

  • Is Hong Kong's racecourse named Sunny Valley, Happy Valley, Happy Park?

  • Man City captain Vincent Kompany's knowledge of Hong Kong was put to the test

The Barclays Asia Trophy is returning to Hong Kong this summer with Manchester City, Tottenham  Hotspur and Sunderland competing alongside local team South China for the trophy lifted by Chelsea two years ago.

Ahead of his side’s visit to the area, tested how much Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany knew about Hong Kong. Before we publish a video showing how the City captain fared, test your general knowledge of Hong Kong with the questions below to see how you fared alongside the Belgian.

Question 1

This year is the Chinese year of which animal?
a) the dragon
b) the snake
c) the rabbit

Question 2

What does Hong Kong mean?
a) Deep Water
b) Sunshine Corner
c) Fragrant Harbour

Question 3

How long is it since Hong Kong joined China?
a) Sixteen years
b) Six years
c) Sixty years

Question 4

What is the local language of Hong Kong?
a) Cantonese
b) Mandarin
c) Pinyin

Question 5

Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Li all began their movie careers in Hong Kong cinema. but which one was born in the area?
a) Jackie Chan
b) Bruce Lee
c) Jet Li

Question 6

How many teams are there in the Hong Kong football league?
a) Ten
b) Twelve
c) Sixteen

Question 7

Which of the following former Barclays Premier League players has not played in the Hong Kong league?
a) Nicky Butt
b) Mateja Kezman
c) Juninho

Question 8

Which James Bond movie was shot in Hong Kong?
a) For Your Eyes Only
b) You Only Live Twice
c) The Man with the Golden Gun

Question 9

What is the Cantonese for ‘thank you’?
a) doh je
b) shei shei
c) ni hao

Question 10

What is the name of the racecourse in Hong Kong?
a) Sunny Valley
b) Happy Valley
c) Happy Park

Question 11

Which global tourist attraction has a branch in Hong Kong?
a) Bellagio Casino
b) Disneyland
c) Guggenheim Museum

The answers will be revealed when the video of Man City defender Vincent Kompany tackling the quiz is published on tomorrow.

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