Wednesday 22 January 2014

Vote for best ever Barclays Premier League celebration

Watch video of best celebrations and choose from five nominations for the best from the competition

We look at some of the best goal celebrations in the history of the Barclays Premier League. Vote for your favourite on

Footballers love scoring goals, no matter how the ball goes in. Defenders, midfielders and forwards alike will all tell you that nothing else can replicate that feeling.

As the goals they score differ in style so there are many ways to celebrate them. Alan Shearer largely stuck to a simple one for the 260 goals he struck throughout his career in the Barclays Premier League but others have produced all manner of gestures, poses, dances, jumps and acrobatics.

Which do you think is the best celebration in Barclays Premier League history? The video above takes you through eight of the most famous celebrations, from which we have shortlisted five on which you can vote.

Eric Cantona's was voted the best of the Barclays Premier League's 20 Seasons Awards in 2012 but maybe that has been usurped Wayne Rooney.

So if it is the cheek of Jurgen Klinsmann or Jimmy Bulland, the coolness of Eric Cantona or Wayne Rooney, or the passion of Temuri Ketsbaia, watch the video, choose your favourite and vote by scrolling down the homepage and selecting one of the shortlist on the poll.

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Key Points

  • Vote for best goal celebration in Barclays Premier League history
  • Choose from five nominations
  • Scroll down the homepage to cast your vote