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Thursday 22 November 2012

Mark Clattenburg and Mike Riley statements

Match official Mark Clattenburg

The Football Association has, regarding its investigation into allegations against referee Mark Clattenburg, made the following statement:

"The FA has concluded its investigation into alleged misconduct by Mark Clattenburg during the match between Chelsea FC and Manchester United FC on Sunday 28 October 2012. No disciplinary action will follow against Mr Clattenburg...

"Having considered Counsel’s opinion, and in view of all the circumstances of the case, The FA does not believe that there is a case for Mr Clattenburg to answer."

To read the full statement, click here >>

In response, Clattenburg and Mike Riley, general manager of Professional Game Match Officials Limited, have made the following statements:

Mark Clattenburg

"I am looking forward to putting this behind me and concentrating on refereeing in the Premier League and other competitions.

"I am extremely grateful for the invaluable support of my family, my Select Group colleagues, the management of Professional Game Match Officials Limited and our union Prospect. The messages of encouragement from those inside and outside of the game have helped me through the most stressful time of my professional life. To know you were innocent of something but that there was the opportunity for it to wreck your career was truly frightening.

"Racism has no place in football and this experience should not discourage those to speak out if they genuinely believe they are a victim of abuse.  However, there are processes that should be adhered in order that any investigation can be carried out in a manner that is fair for all parties involved.

"I know first-hand the ramifications of allegations of this nature being placed into the public domain ahead of a formal process and investigation. I hope no referee has to go through this in the future.

"We are all fortunate to be working in the worlds most watched and scrutinised football league. With that comes a responsibility in regard to how the different parts of the game work together. What has happened over the last few weeks should not overshadow the fact the on-pitch relationship between match officials, players and managers is the best we've ever known it.

"We are proud of the integrity of refereeing in this country and I cannot wait to be back involved in the game I care so passionately about."#

Mike Riley

"PGMOL welcome The FA’s announcement that Mark Clattenburg has no case to answer regarding the allegations made by Chelsea following their game against Manchester United. We would like to thank them for completing a thorough and efficient investigation in difficult circumstances.

"It is PGMOL's considered view that Mark is completely exonerated of the allegation and he will return to active duty shortly without any stain on his character or reputation. The verbal and visual facts do not support any of the allegations made against him. They make it clear that Mark did not use any inappropriate language towards any Chelsea player.

"It is fair to say that if a secure environment had been in place in the aftermath of the match the amplified nature of this case could have been avoided, which would have been of benefit to all parties. The structures and processes in place to deal with these types of incident are there to ensure a swift and fair resolution. Mark has respected this throughout, which is of great credit to him given the public nature of the allegations

"Regrettably, Mark has had to endure four weeks that have brought massive disruption to his professional and personal life through no fault of his own. We are all relieved that this is now behind him and that he can return to doing something that he loves.

"To reduce the risk of an episode of this nature being repeated PGMOL will introduce recording of the referees' communication system on a private basis.        

"Refereeing in England moves on stronger. Our referees have a reputation throughout the world for their professionalism, impartiality and integrity. A reputation that is hard won over decades of excellent service to the game. We can proudly say this is valued by all of the players and managers in the English professional game and beyond. Their performances over the last month have demonstrated that and they will continue to perform with professionalism, impartiality and integrity expected in each and every Premier League match."

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