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Safe ticket buying

Read our safe ticket buying guide if you're looking to buy Barclays Premier League match tickets, at the official website of the Premier League.

Caution is advised when buying match tickets for Barclays Premier League matches

Tickets for Barclays Premier League matches are in high demand. With attendances so high, and so many fans keen to see their favourite players live, demand often outstrips supply.

Unfortunately this can mean that some tickets find their way on to the black market and fans can be charged inflated prices by unscrupulous illegal sellers. Some operators even sell forged tickets.  

What does the Premier League do about it?

At the Premier League we have a duty to ensure that, where we can, we protect fans from illegal sellers and on this website we encourage fans to buy tickets only from authorised outlets.

Fans can guarantee they are obtaining genuine tickets by buying directly from their Clubs. Availability of tickets and hospitality packages are indicated within the tickets section of each Barclays Premier League fixture on this site. This provides the most up to date and accurate picture of how to get tickets for all Barclays Premier League matches and ensures that fans are buying genuine tickets at the correct price.

Our partnership with Visit Britain also serves to promote genuine tickets to fans travelling from abroad, a group that is often the most vulnerable to illegal sales.

We work closely with major law enforcement organisations including the Serious Fraud Office, the police and trading standards in order to identify and prosecute ticket touts and to remove ticket tout websites.

Identified touts can then be banned by our Clubs from their stadia, with people who have 'sold their tickets on' having their season tickets cancelled.   

Criminal offence

It is a criminal offence to sell tickets for Barclays Premier League matches without authorisation.

Touts risk criminal prosecution for touting, along with other related offences such as fraud and money laundering. Penalties for these offences are severe.

Risks of buying unauthorised tickets

Any fans purchasing tickets from unauthorised sources, whether they be from touts outside stadia or from the internet, run a number of risks:

a) Paying a heavily inflated price
b) Buying a forged/counterfeit ticket
c) Buying a ticket in the opposing fans’ section
d) Not having the ticket delivered at all
e) Being refused entry
f) Being removed from the stadium

Indications of an Unauthorised Site

You should look out for the following signs that a site may be unauthorised:

a) Heavily inflated prices
b) Tickets being on sale many months before the date of the match
c) Collection of the tickets is at a hotel
d) Fake 'secure website' logos. Such logos should click through to the security company but some websites just use the logos to give the impression that the sites are verified/secure. However, please be aware that even if the websites are secure, it does not mean that the tickets are authorised
e) Statements that the tickets are 'secondary'
f) Statements that the site is not affiliated with the Club or is unofficial
g) Exact location of tickets not supplied - instead statements such as 'Behind goal', 'Longside view'

Just because a website is showing some/all/none of the above does not mean that it is or is not authorised. If you are in any doubt, you should always check with the relevant Club before purchasing the tickets.

Known Unauthorised Sites

The following websites are known to the Premier League as not being authorised Premier League ticket sellers. We would urge fans to exercise extreme caution when dealing with these websites:

If you have doubts or suspicions about these or any other websites please check with the relevant Club before purchasing.

What to do if you have bought a touted ticket or if you have been scammed by an unauthorised site?

Report the incident to law enforcement – this could be your local trading standards authority or the police. You should also report it to Action Fraud via

Please inform the Club and/or the Premier League as to the identity of the website and we will then work together with law enforcement in an attempt to prevent any reoccurrence of the touting.

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Key Points

  • Demand for match tickets often outstrips supply
  • DO buy genuine match tickets directly from the Clubs
  • DON'T buy tickets from unauthorised sites or touts