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Monday 18 August 2014


The GET ON campaign is about playing to win by playing fairly. It’s about always treating match officials, opponents, teammates and fans with the utmost respect

Teams engage in a fair play handshake before each Barclays Premier League match

What makes the Premier League so compelling for football fans worldwide?

They tell us it’s the pace and passion as well as the fact that any team can beat any other on its day. Premier League fans love the atmosphere in the stadium and the spirit on the pitch. Unfair play, time wasting and diving is not the part of the Premier League ethos.

To further promote and protect all that makes the Premier League so engaging, we launched GET ON WITH THE GAME as a reminder to players, coaches, managers and match officials of their personal and shared responsibility to live up to Premier League standards. The initiative acts as a means to further positive relationships between all involved.

In short, GET ON is about playing to win by playing fairly. It’s about always treating match officials, opponents, teammates and fans with the utmost respect.

It doesn’t stop when the referee blows for full time. We take the GET ON ethos into everything we do – onto the training pitches and into Academies where young people learn their football fundamentals, as well as into the thousands of different Premier League projects delivered in schools and communities.

Get on with the game, get on with the ref, get on with each other

GET ON has been a success to date, with the number of cautions awarded for dissent being reduced significantly over the years. Another example of the positive progress is that there was a 30% drop in incidents of simulation in the 2013/14 season.

Achievements have been made based on the principle of building relationships. To introduce the aims of the campaign at the start of each season, the chairmen, manager and captains of each Premier League Club sign a charter of commitment to the objectives of the campaign.

Another successful element has been the process of the Club captains exchanging teamsheets with the referee an hour before kick-off. This has created meaningful dialogue between the match officials and the captains, allowing specific issues to be discussed in a rational manner away from the heat of the action, and with captains strongly encouraged to raise any questions and engage in a discussion with the Match Officials.

Other elements that make up part of the programme include a GET ON flag being introduced prior to each match as well as a fair play handshake between all players and Match Officials involved in a match.

A popular kids website is also available at, which uses lessons learnt on the pitch in the Barclays Premier League to engage and educate children on a range of social and emotional issues both in football and everyday life.

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