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Frequently Asked Questions

Fantasy Premier League

  • I have a query related to Fantasy Premier League, who should I contact?

    If you have a query relating to Fantasy Premier League, please check the FAQs on the Fantasy Premier League section of the website.

    If you require further assistance, please use the Contact Form located towards the bottom of the Fantasy Premier League FAQs page. This form can also be used to send suggestions for developing the game, or queries relating to the management of the game, such as points allocated to individual players.

    A member of the Fantasy Premier League team will respond directly to your query.

  • I would like to delete my account, or require assistance updating my account.

    You can chose to update, or delete, your account at any time when you are logged in:

       - Click on the red ‘My Account’ box on the right-hand side of the homepage.

       - Click on ‘Update Your Account’.

    From here, you can update your personal information, including email addresses and passwords. There is an option to delete your account located in the bottom corner, to the right of the Postcode/Zip Code field.

    If you require further assistance with any aspect of your account, please contact the Fantasy Premier League team using the Contact Form located towards the bottom of the Fantasy Premier League FAQs page.


  • When are fixtures announced for Barclays Premier League matches?

    The Fixture List is usually announced in mid-June, approximately two months prior to the start of the new season.

    The first set of live TV broadcast selections follows a few weeks later. These include any matches that are picked for live broadcast, up to and including November.

    The live TV broadcast selections for December are announced approximately four to six weeks before the start of the month. Further announcements for later months follow a similar pattern throughout the rest of the season. The exception to this rule is the final round of matches, which all kick-off simultaneously. The live broadcast selections for these matches is usually confirmed a week in advance of the games.

    Please note that all Barclays Premier League matches are subject to potential change.

  • Why are Barclays Premier League matches sometimes rescheduled?

    Match dates and kick-off times can alter for a variety of reasons.

    Some fixtures are rescheduled for live TV broadcast. This can alter either the date of the match, the kick-off time, or both.

    League fixtures will also be rescheduled if they clash with major domestic or European cup competitions. The relevant competitions are the Capital One Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

    Europa League matches are mostly scheduled for Thursday evenings. In this instance, any Barclays Premier League matches involving competing teams on the following Saturday will be rescheduled, usually to Sunday.

    In the latter part of the season some Barclays Premier League matches are scheduled for the same weekend as FA Cup matches. This requires the rescheduling of some League matches, if and when teams progress to the next round of the cup.

    Information on confirmed fixture changes, plus any variables that might potentially affect each match in turn, is included in the Fixtures section of the website.

  • How do I keep up to date with fixture rescheduling?

    Information on confirmed fixture changes, plus any variables that might potentially affect each match in turn, is included in the Fixtures section of the website.

    The competing clubs will also update fans using their own websites, and other official communications channels such as match programmes, email alerts and social media.

  • If a match is rescheduled, can I obtain a refund on tickets, travel or accommodation?

    If you find you are unable to attend a rescheduled match, please contact the club that sold you the ticket for information on their refund policies and procedures.

    Refund requests for travel, accommodation or other related expenses can only be made through the company that sold you the product or service. With this in mind, we recommend only booking flexible travel or hotel accommodation, or obtaining suitable insurance to protect against any changes.


  • How does the Premier League distribute its broadcast rights?

    Live audio-visual broadcast rights are sold in three-season packages, through a heavily regulated auction process. The rights are sold on a collective basis, rather than individually by each club.

    There are seven packages (labelled A-G) of either 12 or 26 matches. Each represents a specific time-slot in which matches can be broadcast (eg: Package A is 26 matches on a Saturday at 12:45). No single broadcaster is permitted to purchase all seven.

  • Who holds broadcast rights for Barclays Premier League matches?

    Matches in the UK are broadcast by Sky Sports and BT Sport.

    The Premier League has a large number of overseas broadcast partners. Their licenses are agreed on a regional basis. You can view a full list of broadcasters and details on their programming in the Broadcast Schedules section of the website.

  • How much money do clubs receive from the distribution of broadcast rights?

    Domestic broadcast revenue is distributed on a 50:25:25 basis:

       - 50% is divided equally between the clubs.

       - 25% is awarded on a merit basis, determined by final league positions.

       - 25% is distributed as a facilities fee for televised matches.

    Overseas broadcast revenue is distributed equally between the clubs.

    The Premier League produces a money table, which outlines the distribution of revenue among each club. You can view the most recent edition here.

  • Why are Saturday 3pm kick-offs not broadcast live in the UK?

    Matches are not televised in the UK on a Saturday between 15:00-17:00, primarily to protect match attendances and atmosphere at all levels of the game.

    We appreciate members of the public assisting us by reporting any infringements. You can find out more information and details for how to get in touch in the Reporting Illegal Broadcasts section of the website.

On The Pitch

  • How and when are referees selected for matches?

    The appointment of match officials is traditionally announced each Monday. There are 18 referees available to officiate Barclays Premier League matches, plus three other selected fixtures in the Football League.

    Appointments are made by the Professional Game Match Officials Board. They take into account several factors, including the referee’s overall experience, their current form, how often they have refereed the clubs involved, which team the referee supports and any forthcoming international appointments.

  • Who oversees disciplinary matters at Barclays Premier League matches?

    The referee is solely in charge of disciplinary matters during the match. Any related disciplinary action, or review, is the remit of the Football Association. This includes player suspensions for cautions or dismissals, and any related appeals. If you have any relevant feedback or queries in this area, then please directly contact the FA.

    The Premier League operates Get on with the Game, a programme that focuses on building positive working relationships between players, coaches, managers and referees. You can read more information here.

  • What technology is used at Barclays Premier League matches?

    Goal Decision System is used at all Barclays Premier League matches. It is supplied by Hawk-Eye, the world’s leading provider of vision processing instruments to sport. The system aids referees with close calls, in cases where there may be some doubt if the whole ball has crossed the goal line.

    Match officials use microphones to keep in contact with each other during the game.

    Vanishing Spray is carried by referees, who can use it to mark out distances between defending players and the ball, before a free-kick is taken.

  • Who can I contact with ideas or proposals related to the Laws of the Game?

    The Laws of the Game are maintained by the IFAB, on behalf of FIFA.

    Naturally the Premier League takes an active interest in this area, but has no active role in the development of the Laws. IFAB convenes periodically to discuss and debate the development of the Laws of the Game. The FA has a permanent seat on IFAB, and we would recommend contacting them directly if you have any proposals in this area.

Off The Pitch

  • What is the Premier League Handbook?

    The Premier League Handbook is the competition Rules for the Premier League.

    They cover every aspect of how clubs operate. Some examples are club finances, the transfer of players and registrations, kit design, and ticket allocations for visiting fans.

    The Handbook is updated ahead of each new season. Any major Rule changes require the approval of at least 14 out of 20 clubs. In this respect the Premier League works by self-regulation and the Handbook is a contract for how clubs wish to behave towards one another, and their fans.

    You can read a copy of the Handbook here.

  • What are parachute payments?

    Parachute Payments are made to clubs after they are relegated from the Barclays Premier League.

    They allow clubs to invest in their teams, and wider operations, in the knowledge that should they be relegated they have provisions in place to re-adjust their finances.

    Payments are made over four years, allowing clubs to gear down and where necessary reduce their costs over a medium term period of time.

  • What is the Owners’ and Directors’ Test?

    The Owners’ and Directors’ Test outlines requirements that would prohibit an individual from becoming an owner or director of a club. These include criminal convictions for a wide range of offences, a ban by a sporting or professional body, or breaches of certain key football regulations, such as match-fixing.

    The test is applied to prospective owners and directors, who are then subject to a review on a seasonal basis. You can read the criteria of the Test in full at Section F of the Premier League Handbook.

  • What is Financial Fair Play?

    In addition to Company Law, the Premier League has its own Rules relating to club finances, accounting and good governance.

    The Premier League, Football League and UEFA each has its own regulations governing club finances. The most widely known FFP policies are probably UEFA’s. These pertain to the licensing system for teams who wish to take part in European club competitions.

    The Premier League has a number of financial rules in place, including requirements for clubs to pay transfer fees, salaries and tax bills on time. They must also submit accounts annually, and disclose payments made to agents. You can read these regulations in full in the Premier League Handbook, primarily Section E: Club Finances.

    Outside of these obligations it is up to individual clubs, who all have their own directors and senior executives, to make decisions over how they spend their income.


  • Can the Premier League assist with my charity fund-raising activities?

    The Premier League has a number of central programmes and partnerships that deliver participation, education and grassroots-focused activities. With this in mind, we are unable to provide financial assistance for individual fundraising campaigns.

    Each club tailors its own approach for charitable giving, plus requests for signed merchandise and memorabilia. Please contact any clubs that interest you directly for further information and assistance. As the organising body for our League we have no access to official club merchandise.

  • I’m interested in working at the Premier League, where can I find information on vacancies?

    The Premier League has a relatively small workforce, based predominantly in central London. When vacancies arise they are advertised in the national press, or through specialist recruitment agencies. Regrettably we are unable to offer work experience or internship opportunities.

    If you wish to submit a CV, please submit it using our Contact Us form. We will then hold you details on file and look to match them with any future vacancies that we feel may suit your skills and experience.

    Each club is responsible for recruiting its own workforce. You will find further details on their official websites, or by contacting any clubs that interest you directly.

  • Can the Premier League assist with student projects, or research?

    The Premier League is building a Fan Research microsite that will be free to access and will contain a wealth of related information and statistics. Check back soon to view the microsite.

    Regrettably, due to time constraints we are unable to meet with students or researchers. If you have any specific questions that can’t be answered by our microsite, please send these via our Contact Us form. We will do our best to answer them if we can.

  • How do I get a press pass to cover a Barclays Premier League match?

    Accreditation for Barclays Premier League matches is organised centrally by Football DataCo and locally by the home club. Journalists and photographers must have a Media Accreditation Agreement in place before the day of the match. For further information and assistance, please email:

  • Who should I contact to discuss a business proposal, the use of Premier League trademarks or data?

    If you have a business proposal you would like the Premier League to consider, please submit it formally (including as much relevant information as you can) to:

    Logos and other trademarks cannot be used without the express permission of the Premier League. Our clubs retain their own trademarks and they should be contacted directly for appropriate permissions, before you reproduce their names or badges etc.

    Match data is gathered using OPTA. Permission to use any match data, including fixture feeds, should be directed to:

    We would politely request that business proposals are submitted only once. We will respond to any that we wish to take further forward.

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